Woman Breastfeeds Squirrel

You think I’m kiddin?

  • A lot of those photos are “is it a pet or is it lunch”?

    (I don’t know what that weird little furry goblin-like creature on the girl’s shoulder is, but I want one.)

  • Xavier

    That is where bear rape got started.

  • Here is what the liberal press has to say.

    “Deep in the Amazon lives the world’s most endangered tribe, an ancient group who trudge through the forests of eastern Brazil carrying everything they own – their children, their weapons and their pets.”

    “They have been pushed to the brink of extinction by European colonists who enslaved them and ranchers who stole the land they need to survive.”

    “And yet, they live in complete harmony with their jungle home.”

    Here is what the liberal press ignores.

    These indigenous stone age people have short painful lives. Within their forested communities they may get along and survive. But given a real choice most would choose a refrigerator, an education, an iPad and a trip to McDonalds rather than have a squirrel sucking on their child’s tit.

    Liberals love to use the word “colonists” to slander any thing their small minds cannot understand.

    These stone aged people need help reaching the 21 century. They do not need to be put in a “stone age reserve” so liberals can come and take a look at a cute little squirrel sucking on an indigenous titty.

  • Waffle

    Farfel tried that once on me. Just once, mind you. He quickly learned I am NOT his mother.

    • I’ve had a kitten try that. Makes you wonder how the know what to look for.

      • Waffle

        Instinct — I think all mammals share a lot of their DNA in common, regardless of species.