The Smug Radicalization of the Left

The Democratic Party is in crisis, although few of its members seem to recognize it. If a Democrat did not occupy the White House, political media would be consumed with worry over the fact that members of this formerly dominant political faction now occupy fewer elected offices than at any point in almost a century. Relegated as it is now to coastal enclaves and urban centers, this is a rump bloc. The contraction the Democratic Party has experienced over the course of Barack Obama’s presidency has coincided with the purging of its moderates.

  • David

    and yet a plurality appears ready to vote for a criminal.

    • Xavier

      “She might be a criminal, but she’s OUR criminal”.

      • V10_Rob

        Assuming your dues are paid up at the Foundation, yes.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    I’ve been a registered Democrat for many years, but I have been crossing party lines more frequently in recent elections. “I didn’t leave the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party left me.” – Ronald Reagan.

  • Hard Little Machine

    What they are banking on is so turning off everyone that voter turnout is near zero and they swept into office.