The green blob: who will protect the victims of environmentalism?

In trying to protect ‘our grandchildren’ from climate change, politicians are hurting the poor. They shouldn’t

The next generation is watching, Barack Obama told the Paris climate conference this week: ‘Our grandchildren, when they look back and see what we did in Paris, they can take pride in what we did.’ And that, surely, is the trouble with the entire climate-change agenda: putting the interests of rich people’s grandchildren ahead of those of poor people today.

  • WalterBannon

    unless there is going to be a lot of lynching of politicians going on at this meeting, there is nothing for history to look back proudly on about this criminal scam

  • vimy

    I think coal companys should go and build as many power plants as any third world country wants them to and improve there lot in life as long as they only get coal from them as part of the deal. Win win by saving jobs here and saving lives there