San Bernardino terrorist’s family hires whiny conspiracy nut lawyer

Apparently Sandy Hook may never have happened and short women can’t shoot guns. Watch the video at the link. It’s quite hypnotically weird.

“Again, I don’t know what the family’s goal in hiring this guy was. If they are planning to sue the city or county for wrongful death, I can safely say that this is the worst idea anyone has ever had.”                                                  h/t Ace

  • Man that is nutz. I watched a clip today, absolutely jaw dropping.

    • lolwut?

      Problem is it’ll convince most liberals

      • Gary

        Yesterday the lawyer alleged that Syed and his wife were cuffed and executed by the Police and not killed in the SUV.

        • lolwut?

          Too bad the bodies being pulled from the SUV were caught on camera… saw it live from a chopper cam.

          Lawyer is kook, so it’s not going to end well for the family.

  • tom_billesley

    Short people can’t shoot.

  • Gary

    Obama help the ClockMed bot get $15,000,000.00 after his trip to the White House .
    The family moved to the jew hating Qatar and Obama will send the $15 million to them tax-free to fund terrorism while the FBI can’t do thing because this terrorism funding is legal

  • Ed

    This is a case for Lionel Hutz.