Is Rome next on the terror target list?

Paris & Rome have roughly the same population, just over 2 million people. Both cities are internationally famous and attract high levels of tourism as well as being business and administrative centres. Paris has a further ten million people in its suburbs, whereas Rome has only a further 2 million.

Rome has many more priceless monuments and the Vatican City, which can seem like a jewel in the crown or a weight round the city’s neck. Both cities are attractive targets for terrorists.

  • Possibly Rome, or possibly a city in Spain. Don’t forget that Spain was ruled by an Muslim Caliphate for a number of centuries and modern Islamists have never hidden their intentions to reconquest Spain. Everything from Spanish architecture to the Spanish language are heavily influenced by Islam and Arabic.

    For example, the Spanish use of the articles “el” and “al” are directly from Arabic. The phrase for “I hope so” in Spanish is “Ojalá”, which literally meant “Oh to Allah”.

    • UCSPanther

      The Umayyids ruled Spain for centuries. They also dominated the Islamic world as well up until their overthrow at the hands of the Abbasids.

      Ironically, the Abbasids themselves were overthrown by their own Turkish soldiers, whom they were heavily dependent on for their military power. That rebellion ushered in the Mamluke Caliphate and caused the Islamic Caliphate to splinter into several smaller Caliphates.

  • Dana Garcia

    Rome is an extra-yummy target for choppers because the Pope lives there in his sumptuous digs.

    • Naturally. Rome would be the ultimate prize — the seat of the Crusaders!

  • Xavier

    No, Rome is #2. The UK is first.

    I’m not joking, there was an article on this yesterday. I’ll try to locate it.

  • Clear Thinker

    We like 2015 AD, they demand 1300 AD. Here endeth the lesson.