Cairo firebombing: Molotov explosive kills at least 16 in Egypt nightclub, say security officials

A Molotov cocktail hurled at a Cairo nightclub killed 16 people and wounded at least five on Friday, Egyptian security officials said.

One of the officials said the attacker was an employee who had been fired from the restaurant in the Agouza area in the centre of the Egyptian capital.

Victims of the blast were burned to death or died from smoke inhalation in the establishment. The nightclub, also a restaurant, was located in a basement, offering no escape route, officials said.

  • Hard Little Machine

    So global warming really IS a dire threat….

  • Ron MacDonald

    French Patriots hunting Muslims in Paris

  • AlanUK

    Interesting “logic” from BBC Radio today:
    ‘The perpetrators cannot be terrorists – they used arson.’
    (May not be a word for word quote.)

    • UCSPanther

      They should tell it to that unlucky Jordanian pilot who was forced to star in an Islamic State snuff flick where he was burned alive…