Will the junior jackboots of Asshat U finally get “justice”?

Yes, says radio host Derek Hunter:

Memories fade, but the Internet is forever.

Any potential employer who doesn’t Google the names of prospective hires is a fool; and any prospective employer who finds a probable hire took part in these campus hissy fits would be a moron to hire them. Why would you hire a lawsuit waiting to happen? Or an all-purpose client repellent? Or someone likely to require “me days” when not properly cheered for making it out of bed in the morning? … It’s their lives to ruin, so who cares? It means less competition for real jobs for people who went to college to learn. That is, after all, supposed to be the purpose of it. More.

Reality check: Hunter makes a good point, but he is assuming that the only available market is private enterprise. In the growing bureaucratic state, there will be a huge market, surely, for government contract jobs, farming the unemployed and unemployable. The junior jackboots may well get preference there.

See also: Dartmouth prez investigates student asshat invasion of campus library An assault on the intellectual life is not a crime. But the university that tolerates it is unnecessary to the intellectual life.


Unbelievable: One university that isn’t a daycare for junior jackboots

  • LauraS

    Completely agree that these Junior Jackboots will be hired, and not only by government agencies. Academia is happy to hire these wing nuts. (I know–all of my husband’s useless young cousins are working for the not-so-civil service and at universities.)

    Those who can, do. Those who can’t are a burden to taxpayers their entire lives.

  • canminuteman

    A large middle class will be a very short blip in economic history. It existed from post WW11 to about now. There was not a large middle class in EIther Canada or the US before that and there won’t be again. The last 75 years are anomoly. Europe and Asia lay in ruins in 1945 and needed o be totally rebuilt. We were the ones with the raw materials and productive capacity to do it. There was tons of work, and a shortage of young men because of the war. If it wasn’t for this people working in factories would never have had enough income to consider themselves middle class. The job of rebuilding ended a long time ago, the countries that we rebuilt are now our competitors. Automation and mass immigration has led to a massive labour surplus rather than a labour shortage.

    The only other period in time that I can think of, which was like the post WW11 period is the period after the black death swepth through EUrope and killed half the population. labour became valuable, land became cheap and many peasant made enough money to become land owners. This had a major effect on society that the time.

    So, short of another world war, which we win, or a massive plague. no one is ever going to earn enough money working in a mine, steel mill or car factory to buy a house, a cottage, a boat, a new car every few years and send their kids to university.

  • Hard Little Machine

    They will of course be hired by government and by the very same colleges they came from. Then they will ‘teach’ to grind out another generation of drones to do the same thing.

  • Uncommunist

    Hmmm government employment; ‘May get preference there ?’ There most certainly do get preference – a massive amount of preference.