U.S. Sees Elite Military Unit as Key to Bigger Push Against ISIS

WASHINGTON — For years, the Joint Special Operations Command, known throughout the Pentagon as JSOC, has provided standing forces of American commandos to track down terrorist leaders overseas. Now, in announcing that it is deploying a small team of special operators to Iraq to carry out raids against high-value Islamic State leaders in Iraq and Syria, the Pentagon is turning to its elite team of manhunters once again.

  • Brenda

    I guess giving advance notice is always a good idea.

    • The “war” with Islam (and ISIS) is an intellectual war.

      As long as Islamic theology goes unchanged, it will continue to brainwash countless young males to kill in the name of Islam. And that is who we, and all the rest of the world, are fighting.

      Islamic theology is the problem.

      Cartoon bomb them.

      And Obama is one of the brainwashed.

  • mauser 98

    Bummer has purged US military of its leaders , hundreds
    Bummer installed bootlickers

  • simus1

    isis is Emperor Barry’s wayward creation.


    A lot of military thinking revolves around stuff like the rarely used bridge laying tank.
    If the enemy know you have a certain capacity to expand your options for attack, it really complicates their daily lives and saps resources.
    So it is a factor even if it is never used.

  • Gary

    If Obama keeps up his dawah for islam and covers for jihadists slaughtering American’s the people will have no choice but to form a patriots groups of death squads to stop the Grand Jihad incited by CAIR and their Saudi Masters.

    CAIR Canada had Sheema Khan exploit the CBC and her op-ed pieces in the Globe&Mail that bashed Canada when ever she could which included the Fabricated hate-crimes being posted on CAIR’s website as factual.
    CAIR’s ongoing attack for our troops being in Afghanistan killing innocent muslims went as far as conspiring with a prof at the UofOttawa to allege war-crimes that proved to be a LIE and taqiyyah .
    But Khan’s crusade to incite muslim youth to terrorism may have provoked the Canadian born Toronto-18 muslims males that had a plot to use truck bombs in hope of murdering 5000+ people in Toronto whic they said was because they knew that Chretien sent out troops to Afghanistan tha twere killing their msulims briothers in the taliban .

    Thank you CAIR and Sheema Khan .

    You also defended those muslim terrorists as harmless youth that chose a bad prank where nobody actually got hurt since you petitioned the Court to go easy on the Toronto-18 .
    But the Jihadiss that DO complete their plots are somehow called untrue muslims by CAIR that hijacked your peaceful faith.

    Just yesterday CAIR had the nerve to go on TV while the dead bodies were still warm to do their usual Taqiyyah and claim that islam had NOTHING to do with it .
    With 6,000,000,000 non-msulims on Earth Mr.Hooper, you can’t kill us all and we will track down every one of the scum and cockroaches you praise as peaceful just because they haven’t gone Jihad yet .

    At 11:10 I just heard Obama call the muslims terrorism a possible workplace violence and that they don’t have a motive….. we wish you were just a fair for the Michael Brown case because you LIED and didn’t know that Michael beat-up a brown immigrant store clerk and stole some cigars.
    You also opined quickly over the Chapel Hill shooting when 3 muslims died after provoking Mr. Hicks .

    Sadly , the media has a few low-life slugs now trying to claim that Christians may have offended the muslim co-workers with this Christmas party and brought up Christ as the messiah which is blasphemy under sharia law .

  • Norman_In_New_York

    The first thing to be done is to put out contracts on hate-preaching imams.

  • Ron MacDonald

    Great vintage…some time last week.

    • andycanuck


  • canminuteman

    Elite would be nice, but your average Canadian/American/ British infantry soldier or boy scout troop could fight rings around your average retarded goat humping arab.