Political Correctness KILLS

Presented with no further comment.

  • Xavier

    It was workplace violence! Everyone has a few pipe bombs laying around.

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      I remember when I had my first kid and we would sit around the kitchen table building pipe bombs as a family project.

      • Alex

        Yeah, brings people together, like a knitting circle. Friends and neighbours will sometimes stop by and join in – a real friendly, community-building kind of thing.

        • Just like these kids.

          • Raymond Hietapakka

          • Raymond Hietapakka


      • Exile1981

        I temember getting detention in high school for making nitro.

    • Diane


      • moraywatson

        That is consistent with all the actions taken. Prepared jihadists looking for an insult to take offense to.

        • Xavier

          The pork was an excuse. They had prepared to wage jihad with guns, body armor, and pipe bombs.

        • Xavier

          Exactly. They just needed to rationalize the attack.

      • Xavier

        What exactly was a devout Moslem doing at a Christmas party?

      • “holiday” event… a Christmas Party. Look at the demographics of San Bernardino and tell me it was anything but a room full of Christians who just got shot up by tolerant Muslims of the Religion of Peace

    • John

      Maybe people will have to think twice before ever employing anybody from a so called religion of peace?

    • it was just a “random shooting”

  • Xavier

    Fox is quoting his father saying that his son was a “devout Muslim.”

  • ontario john

    I’m sure it has nothing to do with islam. Those Christmas parties can get out of hand. I’m sure we have nothing to worry about getting 50 thousand muslim refugees. They are all good muslims.

  • Gary

    Hillary blames a youtube video by Trump where he mocks global warming which caused ISIS.
    The future does not belong to this that mock Gobal Warming .

  • Gary

    This has CAIR written all over it .

    How did farook’s brother in law just happen to be tied to CAIR that funds hamas and knew for sure that the dead guy was him and not stolen ID ?????

    Because muslims knew farook was going Jihad soon and this press meeting by CAIR is a charade to play the victim and get the false narrative out there to throw off the FBI .

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      Normally, I’d say you are a kook Gary, but you do have a point with how fast they got on-message.

      • They got on message before the Police released the info to the Media, and a couple hours before Police held their final news conference for the night to release it to the public. No possible way that could happen without “insider” information — either Obama admin gave CAIR a heads-up, or CAIR was somehow connected. Obama himself got on message hours before the public knew that Muslims were involved. Disgusting, despicable, lots of nasty adjectives running through my head.

        • mauser 98

          can’t wait to see security camera video

          • Bernie

            War has been declared. Now it is time to recognize the call and fight back. Arrest C.A.I.R members for the 5th column that they are and start monitoring the Mosques.

          • mauser 98

            gubmint buildings are loaded with security cameras , even more under Bummers police state.
            betchya a buck we never see video
            mmmm … seems familiar

      • Gary

        Normally when others do what I do they too look like kooks but I know how the system works since I know the protocols and that a co-workers Son killed himself in front of his Condo when he jumped form the high balcony.
        He had a wallet with ID , management knew how he was and his Condo was unlocked where there were photo’s all over the place of him just for his Hockey years and School Graduation.

        The Police had the body at the morgue and didn’t care what the wallet and photos showed when they kept it quiet and contacted who they believed was the Father that had to drive about 40 miles
        and give a 100% ID as his son from any marks or unique scars from an injury plus the dental match if he had work done.

        How did the Police know so quickly that it was the Syed
        related to the man that CAIR shoved on TV to paint Syed as a good man and that the family and friends are shocked, shocked I tell you .
        New information showed that Mommy Dearest stopped to drop off their 3 month old baby with a relative????
        Was this before they went into the Jihad Black dress, or when they drove the rented Black SUV in their armour suits which means this Jihad was a shock for the nanny to get her to call 9-1-1 for it being odd .

        The whole thing stinks, and now the News is reporting ( 1:15 pm Toronto 10:15 am CA ) that Syed property owner Custodian just unlocked the the Door to Farook’s Unit to let the media in to look at the home.
        Good Luck for the FBI to now try to get the Prints from the Muslim men seen going in and out for about two weeks prior to the Jihad attack.
        Now there will be more Prints to ID for the Media and about 15 new hair samples in the carpet. This is what screwed the Bob Crane crime scene as the Cop didn’t seal off the Apartment that let several people go in and move stuff take someone if the killer was there .

        Now it looks like Obama may have used muscle to threaten the Custodian to open the door and let the media contaminate the scene to and aid the Jihad for islam that those linked to it may get away.
        Hillary allowed the Benghazi attack and the crime scene in that case was not sealed off for two weeks as muslims could go in and get Documents that Hillary might have wanted to vanish .
        I’m not paranoid, I just seems to listen to what people DON’T say which can fill a tome for what they really believe or what happened .

        The Jon Benet Ramsey pedophile killer story had one flaw in it for what I heard the Father ( step father) say ion his statement to the Police in on the 9-1-1 audio records that nobody noticed . I remember seeing parents at the scene of a Earth quake or or volcano mud slide where a Media chopper or rescue chopper with a camera flew over the devastation at about 30 feet and a women held up a mud covered child that was dead and she cried as she wanted them to makeher child un-dead as if the trauma had her in shock and the child was sleeping or sick .

        So , Jon’s Father told the Police that he went down to the basement for something and when he noticed her body on the floor he ran up stairs and called 9-1-1 that her daughter was killed in the the basement .
        There are only 2 people for sure that knew she was dead, Jon her self that was silenced , and the other was the killer.
        How the F did her dad know and didn’t go into shock as a normal parent to scream for her actual Mother to be relieved she back ?????

        Now tell me if I’m still a kook over that murder in Denver because when a parent holds up their dead child covered in mud and in denial shock hoping a Doctor on the chopper came help her…..how could a Step father assume Jon was dead and not drugged to be left there to be found.
        The Father or even the Mother too must have been in on it where the killer told them she was dead as to set-up a charade where dad sees her body on the floor and then runs away to call 9-1-1 and have an alibi that she was returned through the basement window and didn’t hear anything but called was dad found the body .
        That was what the 9-1-1 transcript said when I read it , Father gave the same story to the Police when he told them he found her dead in the basement and ran to call 9-1-1 so the story matched for continuity .

        How did he know she was dead????????????

  • Ed

    Keep a sharp eye for the non existent “backlash.”

    • Makes me wonder, how are they going to react when they finally provoke a real backlash?

    • Dana Garcia

      Muslims as victims — it’s a fiction that’s becoming harder to maintain.

      • The Liberal narratives I’ve read since this happened yesterday were:

        “They were Muslims who were sick of all the anti-Muslim sentiment they had to deal with on a daily basis, so we feel sorry for them and understand why they were angry”

  • Bruised Orange

    CAIR is so in on this. Did you see the rep trying to control what the brother in law was saying on FOX. Geez America wake up, you are being duped from the inside.

  • ontario john

    Expect the next few days to be saturated in the media about islamophobia. The grand alliance between secular leftists and islam already controls politics, the media, and our educational system. Like elsewhere Christmas parties must now be called holiday parties which is what the media keeps calling the gathering at the massacre.

    • V10_Rob

      Islamophobia and gun control will take up the news space, while the actual event will be glossed over as much as possible.

  • Ron MacDonald
  • marty_p

    No mention in today’s Toronto Star and Crescent of the perpetrator or his female accomplice…for all Star readers know – a Jinn did it rather than the Quaranimals….but we did get our dose of hijab clad women – 6 photo’s today including what the “Must have outfit for the female Mo on the Go” is…. as well as how children at Regal Rd public elementary school are busy making “Hello Mo” cards to greet the Syrian refugees.

    • Ottawa Eyes

      You mean Harroon didn’t do a story about how it must have been those dangerous right wing radicals and their zionist backers? That would have been typical of him and the Toronto Red Star.

      • tom_billesley

        A lot of stories like that must have been spiked.

    • Waffle

      Slightly O/T — somewhere, somehow CBC dug up a gay (!!!) Syrian “refugee” to interview. Speaks perfect Henlish. Amazing. Theme of interview — he’s just like us.

      • Alex

        And they actually showed his face (not pixelated)? Oh boy – that fellas going to be in for some trouble with his fellow “refugees” if they find out.

  • Clear Thinker

    I watched the ktla website with the live feed yesterday. When the police had shot one of the muslim terrorists, the show, in order not to show the dead body, don’t want to upset folks, told the helicopter and cameraman to back off and zoom out. At this point, the police knew what they were dealing with. As soon as they knew the address of the second home, they knew what they were dealing with. During these hours, the phone calls were made, the favours demanded, and CAIR consulted. Now there are tweets about a neighbour who saw young men frequenting a residence used by farook, but she would not call it in because of the fear of being accused of racial profiling. Farook and gun moll had go pro cameras on their outfits. This was known as soon as they were shot down by the swat boys. Obama did a lot of praying yesterday, the prayers were that the killers were white and Christian, the problem is that he was praying to Satan, but his deal for his soul so he could be president didn’t contemplate his need for cover on the muslim attack issue. Yes I am being flippant, but America, you need to wake up, Obama is bringing in enemies of freedom while he attacks your God given right to be free.

  • Sid Falco

    Initial reports were of a “White shooter” so Obama started his race-baiting. As soon as it turned out to be “random” he disappeared.

  • mauser 98

    Hill’s 2 cents

    • John

      ‘stop gun violence now’

      She talks as though these guns point and shoot all by themselves…

      The corpses continue to pile up while America’s elites continue to cowardly deny the problem.

      • mauser 98

        Bummer & Hill were praying for white guys & Rebel flags

        • John

          Yeah…I bet they were!

    • Exile1981

      Ok ban muslims andcdemocrats from owning guns and these mass shootings will stop.

  • tom_billesley

    What happened to the third attacker – did police release him after he claimed jihadi immunity?

    • He was Qatari

  • Fredrick. Allen.Ginsberg

    CNN is twisting itself in a knot trying to spin this one.

  • TerryA

    And I’ll bet the kids were eating candy in all the peaceful muslim homes celebrating the death of so many infidels. Because, they’re a religion of peace afterall. Right Mamba?

  • simus1

    muslim fanatic California enviro health inspector?

    Wow !
    Syeed sounds like the perfect son Emperor Barry never had.

  • Xavier

    Y’all h8ters! This is Loretta Lynch’s first big job for Barry and she’s done a great job, no loose ends to spill the beans. Hillary’s jealous, though.

  • Martin B

    “…didn’t want to report it, for fear of racial profiling”

    That’s exactly what CAIR wants from all of us. When they’re not in front of TV cameras whining about backlash, they’re shouting Allahu Akbar! with joy & delight.