Police hunting Sparkbrook gang who created a roadblock to rob drivers

Oh it’s those damn Asians again!

  • Exile1981

    They were just trying to collect jizya from the infidels, the police are guilty of interfering in a core aspect of their religion. -sarc

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    You know who else does this stuff?
    Jihadis along Highway-1 in Afghanistan!

    A funny story that has no reference to anyone I might know.

    There was one stretch of a particular highway in some third world hellhole that shall remain nameless, that had this problem. The jihadis would barricade the road and hijack the trucks.
    This began to happen with regularity, and so one day the jingle trucks roll up and out step the jihadis to pick them clean.
    Supposedly, all the truckers by this point in time knew the drill.
    Instead of fuel and goodies, the trucks were loaded with an element of SoCom shooters, who on that specific occasion, had very relaxed rules of engagement.
    They then engaged with such great vigor that not one ‘goblin’ had the opportunity to get off even a single aimed shot.
    Problem solved!

    • Xavier

      Um, one minor suggestion: ‘Islam solved!’.