Islamic terror needs “safe spaces” too

It is the ultimate logic of the “safe space”

From Daily Mail:

Radical Muslim students made death threats while interrupting a lecture on blasphemy by a prominent human rights activist, it was claimed today.

Maryam Namazie, who fled Iran’s repressive regime and now campaigns against Islamic extremism, was speaking at the Atheist, Secularist and Humanist Society of Goldsmiths in London.

However, the event on Monday night was disrupted by students from the university’s Islamic Society – which claimed that it would ‘violate their safe space’ because of Ms Namazie’s outspoken views. More.

Reality check: Everyone, everything—good, evil, or useless––wants a safe space. Your life may depend on whether you give it to them.

I’m guessing that Namazie is an atheist. Many new atheists despair of getting fellow atheists to realize the true dangers, as opposed to obsessing about fundy hillbillies with no real influence.  Good luck with that. I mean it!

Re alumni donations: the U you are giving to no longer exists.

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