‘I Can Feel The Fear In The Western World’

The party goes on behind elevator doors
While the elevator plummets from the 69th floor
All the cars lost in the scrapyards of paradise
The newspaper photographs have all come alive…

  • eMan14

    Is it fear or unmitigated denial? I don’t fear Islam. But I’m very concerned that members of my own society will open the door willingly and let in the lodger from hell.

    • BradThomas

      I don’t know why you wouldn’t be afraid of Islam – it’s an ideology that is designed to enslave or murder anything that isn’t it. The real question is how we respond to that fear: do we run or hide from it, and its cause, or do we face the fear, put it aside and confront its source, Islam? Unfortunately, our society’s main “coping mechanism” appears to be denial: Not the best response, to say the least.

  • Xavier

    Ultravox lyrics?!

  • Hard Little Machine

    The left will turn up the heat so slowly that no one will respond until it’s too late.

  • Reader

    What could possibly go wrong? So far so good.

  • Thank you.

    All true lovers of The Rule Of Law do not possess this Fear. Sadly, we’re but a minority in The West.