Anyone With The Economic Intuition Greater Than A Banana Should Sense Something is Terribly Wrong With This Picture


When You Import Workers From The Third World Everybody Should Realise That You Will Soon ALL Be Working For Third-World Wages, And That Is Never A Good Thing, Ever

I can now only assume that this Bull Sh*t is all by design.

The U.K. has had a nursing shortage for damn near 20-years and yet STILL has a shortage. Doesn’t that strike anyone else as curious?

It’s damn curious to me because the law of supply and demand states that when a commodity becomes scarce like, oh I don’t know, like maybe NURSES that nursing wages would rise and that higher income level would encourage more people to become nurses and then there would after a period of time of no more than 3-5 years, that equilibrium would be restored.

Guess what didn’t happen? Ok then, guess what did happen?

Lot’s of sketchy nurses arrive to depress wages, the shortages continues, and that in turn brings more sketchy nurses. Then patients die because of bad nursing care. Lather, rinse, repeat! This isn’t just in England, it’s also happening in the U.S. and Canada.

  • moraywatson

    It’s why you end up getting shitty health care, and shitty hydro infrastructure. And then to add insult to injury, shitty wind turbines making people ill. Government intrusion into free markets always leads to waste, inefficiency and redundancy.

    • “Government intrusion into free markets always leads to waste, inefficiency and redundancy.”

      The most important thing you need to know about economics.

      • Maggat

        And governments!

  • Ron MacDonald

    Fifty billion dollars could have built another 400 series highway.

  • simus1

    I like Polish nurses especially, and Jamaican nurses, and I may as well admit it, every nurse from where doesn’t matter with at least an ounce of humanity. But I’m not planning on ever getting sick in England.

  • Waffle

    Don’t get me started on this one!! Full disclosure: I trained as an R.N. back in the “bad old days” and have endured 3 hospitalizations in the past 18 months. I’m not going to generalize and slam the quality of care provided by imports but I will say this — our home growns are certainly not up to par — poor time management, absolutely no bedside nursing skills, poor communications, numerous mistakes (especially medication errors) and BAD ATTITUDE!!!

    • UnLiberal

      “Bad attitude”…..Better tell the unions! I’m sure they will want to know! (sarc off)

  • Icebow

    Don’t look like NHS uniforms. It’s a pity they made nurses do degree courses.

  • Gary

    I couldn’t understand why the FRESHCO near me stop employing Blacks.
    But one day I saw the full time cashiers training Asian looking women to do their jobs and now it’s really annoying dealing with some of the ESL staff that haven’t learned the polite English for retail jobs and cater to the customers needs and LISTEN.

  • Valencia

    It’s important to note that the wife and fellow jihadist of the SanBernardino massacre was a PHARMACIST. CIHI just published the number of international pharmacy graduates in Ontario is 42%. Of these, almost half are from Egypt. Do you not think there are a few in there who are either hard core jihadists, or willing to cut corners, cheat or lie to filthy kaffir???

    The market is saturated, experienced older Canadian pharmacists can’t get jobs and the wages have decreased 30% or more. And I think this is by design from both the federal and provincial governments since the rate of Ontario graduates has stayed the same.

    Full disclosure: I am a hospital pharmacist with >30yrs experience, published author, educator and researcher and I can’t get even a part time community pharmacy job in an independent pharmacy I would consider honest and patient focused.

    • Jaedo Drax

      those slots for the 42% of the grads that are international wouldn’t exist other than for the fact that they pay full freight at the university. The government caps enrollment for the natives. Same way for doctors and nurses. Which is of course why we get shortages in those fields, but never a shortage of SJW types.

      • Valencia

        No these are not Canadian grads. These are pharmacists who got their degree in Egypt or Jordan, and wrote the qualifying Canadian exams. There are very few slots open for foreign students at Canadian pharmacy faculties

    • occupant 9

      I too have experience in our health care system and observe that at least 1 in every 4 new hires wears a hijab. The IP&C people feel it is a “small risk” when a hijab wearing housekeeper cleans a contaminated room then moves on to the next without changing her long flowing and OBVIOUS hijab.

      Full disclosure: I never turn my back on a Muslim in an elevator as I expect jihad may occur at any time.

      • Maggat

        I’d say that you are using common sense. Better to turn one’s head than to lose one’s head.

  • Edubeat

    If you can’t get a date get a nurse (polish, filipino, jamaican your choice)

  • ismiselemeas

    I’m a NZ trained RN, highly sought after in Australia, GB, Ire and the US. When I first came to Canada and realised the hoops that I had to jump through just to get board recognition I found another profession to pursue. It’s loosened up a bit now of course but it was too depressing for words at the time.

  • canminuteman

    There is nothing curious about the UK nursing shortage at all. My mum and dad both were nurses in the UK and emigrated to Canada because the pay and working conditions suck in the UK.

    Since the only employer is the state, the natural laws of supply and demand go out the window.

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    My son had surgery this summer and the nurses at the children’s hospital were gorgeous.

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      Patient and visitor morale matters!

  • bob e

    it’s why they have a drug resistant bug that they can’t get rid of in every hospital
    in the west.