Your ‘morals as a Muslim’ don’t give you a free pass

Understandably, police feared violent clashes between the Reclaim Australia crowd and the Socialist Alliance groups calling them “Nazis”. Scuffles broke out, despite their best efforts.

At one point, a counter-racism protester dressed in a niqab alighted from a car which police alleged had been speeding.

An officer asked the woman for the names of the other people in the car. The woman’s friend filmed the encounter and put it up on Facebook, as an example of police harassment.

But what the video actually shows is an unfailingly polite police officer trying to do his job while the woman harangues him.

These dead Aussie Jihadis all had the morals of a Muslim

These dead Aussie Jihadis all had the morals of a Muslim

  • Dana Garcia

    “Morals as a Muslim” — there’s a brain twisting concept.

    • Zaba

      Just another oxymoron like ‘moderate muzlim’

  • Alain

    Screw the whole lot of them. Get the hell out of our countries. People are more than fed up with the likes of you lot.

  • Gary

    How about that lying scum islamists on the TTC that cried racism to the Popluice and now we find out that this Master-Race muslim girl had first used a slur at blacks students to call them Monkey’s .
    She now refuses to talk to the Police .

  • Barrington Minge

    Wow, hold on. Mooslims have no morals. Isn’t that bloody obvious?