What Americans Need to Know About NSA and the Encryption Debate

Should private companies that provide users with encryption technology be required to assist law-enforcement and intelligence services to defeat that technology? This question is a more pressing one in the wake of November’s Paris terrorist attacks. But it is a very tough question that has vexed both the government and providers of communications services for years.

Part of what makes it so difficult is the new facts of life.

  • Xavier

    The real problem is that the government is above the law. Fix that and the concerns of security vs. privacy will be greatly reduced.

    • Exile1981

      The fact that they no longer need a warrent to spy on citizens and that once a company helps the gov’t tthe first time then those encryption keys are useless to anyone else.

    • El Martyachi

      No, the real problem is that we’re mostly fat, stupid, lazy and willfully ignorant of fundamentals necessary to the continuity of free prosperous nation states. The government being above the law is indeed a problem but IMNSHO a symptom.

      • Xavier