US prez contender Ted Cruz sent to oppo rewrite by Pravda

Sorry, by The Hill:

I took the screen shot just in case The Hill came to its senses, despite the fact that its own post debunks the headline … Senator Cruz was referencing something said in a news story, not suggesting anything. He is pointing out how absurd the media is to jump to conclusions, which is why they are so bothered by him. More.

Reality check: That’s just the trouble. Cruz is trying to unite thinking people against PR media agitprop, and that make him and anyone who listens to him a threat to the livelihood of progressive politicians and their media.

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Coverage like the following misleads while informing: While it is true that fewer all the time have “confidence” in legacy news, that’s mainly because they are content to let progressives and their governments dominate it as long as one interferes with their smartphone access.

For now, be sure, no one will, or not directly.

  • Hard Little Machine

    The Hill has been shifting recently. They used to be fairly level headed. Now they’ve come out and gone Libtard.

  • Even if it turns out that this guy was actually a secret member of a 10,000 strong right-wing anti-abortion terror group, committed to acts of terrorism against abortion clinics, I would still blame the Left. Because the Left is to blame — only the Left does the kinds of outrageous things that incite people to violence, irrespective of who are they are. Case in point: militant Islam.