The War On Boys: Lego Edition

Pole Dancer Lego

Pole Dancer Lego Figurine Sold Separately!

#GenderJustice has come to a Washington state kindergarten.

  • Hard Little Machine

    this is why I am big proponent of single gender schools.

  • Martin B

    This psychotic harpy belongs in solitary confinement, not in a kindergarten classroom.

    • It’s scary what teachers are out there.

      • Exile1981

        Our local school had a new principal appointed by the new ndp minister… she came from BC and she has no experience in Canadian schools other than teaching in ESL schools in vancouver. yeh

  • Xavier

    Racial tactics applied to gender.

  • bargogx1

    Harrison Bergeron. Isn’t it funny how all the old cautionary tales are coming true?