So Bob Geldof, where are your refugees?

After photos emerged of three-year-old Syrian Aylan Kurdi’s body being washed up on a Turkish beach, the British public hit out at the government for failing to do enough to help with the current refugee crisis. Although the government has so far spent £900 million helping refugees who have fled Syria, many were outraged that more refugees were not being allowed into Britain.

  • Frances

    They’ve probably taken a good hard look at the “refugees” on offer and decided not worth the risk. Can’t say I blame them, but they should have the cohanes to publicly retract their invitations.

  • vimy

    Bob could exploit the situation and earn millions off of them like he did after Brenda Spencer shot up a school and killed 2 people and injuring 16 others by writing a pop song

    • Justin St.Denis

      Bob Geldof’s attempts at songwriting ARE terrorism, when you stop to think about it.

  • Bruised Orange

    saw a report today …none of them want to come to Canada. Out of hundreds of thousands only 3000 said yes please.

    Than why the fuuck are we bringing in 25000?

    • H

      Same reason as elsewhere – to generally weaken the country, cause social disorder and violence, break up any sense of national identity, empower Big Government by making citizens increasingly dependent on it and, ultimately, replace the native population with their new Muslim masters.

      By the way, it’ll be more than 25000 – you can count on that.

    • Ottawa Eyes

      For us to support, generation after expanding generation.

    • tom_billesley

      They have to go to ridings where the Liberals need more votes.

  • mauser 98

    Geldof and Bono flee Irelands high taxes..the rest of you shlubs pay up

    • Alex

      Good God, but the man looks awful! What kind of abuse has he put his body through over the years? Sheesh.

      • mauser 98

        has lots of money to abuse with

      • I usually look Bob Geldof after I’ve been holed up in my apartment and haven’t showered and shaved for a week. Celebrities like Geldof look that way because they spend an hour in front of the mirror every morning “primping” themselves to get the “poor homeless man” look. You can always spot a spoiled millionaire Lefty — they’re the one’s with the strategically-placed holes in their jeans.

  • tom_billesley

    English lessons for UK-bound Syrians scrapped because the British Home Office can’t find them.
    Plans to teach Syrian refugees English before they get to the UK to enable them to hunt for jobs straight away have been scrapped after the Home Office discovered it could not locate them all to provide the lessons.

  • LauraS

    Kudos to “Steerpike” for holding Geldof to account. If Geldof wants to make offers that make him look like a sainted celebrity, that’s great–but when he doesn’t follow through on his grand promises, he should be thoroughly shamed. All phony celebs who jump on bandwagons to get positive press need to be held to account like this. I hope the British media hound every celeb who made this offer until they come through on their promise or apologize for being sanctimonious blowhards.

  • John

    Perhaps Sir Bob should spend more time looking after his own kids and family. He expresses his deep sorrow for the state of the entire world while those close to him die of overdoses

  • Hard Little Machine

    Just send them all to Scotland. They are perfect SNP voters.