Paris Police Warn Jews Against Lighting Hanukkah Candles On Account Of Muslim Diversity

Everything going according to plan…

h/t WZ

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Diversity is the strength that binds us all together.

    • You bet.

    • eMan14

      Like cement shoes in water.

    • Gary

      John Tory will love the “diversity” in Toronto when the PRIDE parade finds out what 30,000 pro-sharia devout Syrian muslim refugees think of it, It won’t be long before it will be too dangerous to keep having it on a main public street .
      Liberal progressives love Diversity because right now their perception is that everyone they see as part of it is like them and agree with Liberals .
      Uniformity is Diversity .

      Tory lost the provincial Election to the Liberals when they attack him for wanting to extend School funding to faith groups which Liberals said was code for MUSLIMS to get tax funded madrassa’s.
      Dalton McLiar wins the Election for the Liberal Party and then gives Muslims in Wynne’s MPP seat in Thorncliff Parkistan a tax funded Madrassa in the Valley Park Public school on Friday’s in the guise of a Mosque .
      Imam’s spew hatred from the Quran on Friday and poison young muslim students to hate Canada , Jews , gays and christians and to know their duty to Allah for martyrdom Jihad to claim Canada as an islamic State for the Global caliphate.
      Imam Steve Rockwell supports this Valley Park mosque and HE told John Oakley on his Radio show that muslims will dominate in Canada one day to make it an islamic state as ordered in the Quran because Muslims are out breeding all other groups right now and will be the majority in the future .

      Gotta love those liberals , Justin won the Election and 1 promise was to stop the Rich getting tax dollar to raise their children…….now he hires 2 nannies for $90,000.00 a year combined that was added to his Budget
      which the Low-Income immigrants will pay for in their Taxes .

  • simus1

    Paris police have always been concerned about the welfare of Jews.
    They could spell it out a bit more clearly for those that require more explicit advice:
    “Get out now, you fuels, bifore it as become tew lat !!!”

    • Norman_In_New_York

      Israel has augmented its embassy and consular staff to expedite processing of immigration applications.

  • Alain

    Coming soon: Paris police warn women not to go outside without a male escort and being completely covered and hidden, face included.

  • Exile1981

    Umm shouldn’t the police actual remove the criminals from the gene pool rather than warn people to given in to the criminals.

  • Xavier

    Indeed, I have struggled with Hanukkah hostility myself.

  • Gaylord Ponce

    Not Jewish but I happen to have a menorah. It’s going to be in the front window starting December 9 and will be lit for the ensuing days.
    Now, come get me you faggots!