Havana 1991


  • Exile1981

    is that Justin on the left?

  • Awesome photos of Cuba by Rick McGinnis. I lost hundreds of photos from Latin America, dating as far back as 1978, documenting conditions in both El Salvador and Communist Nicaragua during the civil wars, covering more than a decade of history.

    The photos disappeared after my ex circulated a letter falsely claiming that I had “planned a terrorist attack” while there. As a result I came under scrutiny from our security services and all records of my activities there mysteriously vanished, including photos, negatives, documentary evidence of human rights violations, computer backups, etc. Not to mention personal memorabilia.

    Guard those photos and negatives with your life, Rick. Especially if you have done any travel or work in a Communist country (copies in a safety deposit box or with a trusted third party). And especially under a communist-sympathetic Liberal Government — all it takes is one false allegation.