Fear carbon pricing, not nannies

Okay, so Justin Trudeau’s a hypocrite for saying during the election campaign that rich people like him don’t need government subsidies to raise their kids, and then putting two taxpayer-funded nannies on his staff as prime minister.

But in terms of dollars and cents — particularly since publicly-funded nannies for the PM are apparently paid abysmally — the public cost is nothing.

Far better to get angry over Trudeau’s carbon-pricing policies as indicated by his just-completed stint at the Paris climate summit, which are going to cost us a fortune.

  • BillyHW

    Fear women voting.

  • Gary

    Liberal MP’s must be getting huge bags of money through the back door like Chretien and Martin did for the AdScam millions because they are defending L’il Justy as entitled to his entitlements .
    He chose to run for the Pm job knowing he had 3 children to raise , where’s the CAS to take them away a an unfit parent having the raised by strangers when he can afford to raise them.
    Remember the Ontario liberal Laura Broten , she won her MPP seat and got a cabinet job and then chose to start a family since the sucker taxpayers were paying for it and her job got done while on Mat-leave which shows that she really didn’t have a valid job.
    But it got worse because she screwed up so badly she was removed for another posting. Her time as the Energy Minister to help save the Planet was a joke when she was caught getting her home updated with a 3-bay garage for the three cars she now had .
    Her FLICK-Off banner to reduce waste and save the planet became a banner for the taxpayer to F-off you morons and I’m entitled to my entitlements as a Liberal pig at the trough.

    Hey Justin , will Syrian refugees get a nanny if they have three children ????

    • andycanuck

      You’re overreacting, Gary. I’m mean it’s not as if the Carbon Exchanges in Chicago, Europe and India had to closed down due to massive fraud or anything like that. So I’m sure it would never happen in Canada.

  • Remember- this is the same lying pansy who decried Harper’s family-friendly tax credits.

    What snobs the Trudeaus are.

    • andycanuck

      And used his wife as a stay-at-home mom to defend himself from “anti-family” attacks during the election campaign.

      • BillyHW

        Neither of them have ever had a real job or know how to work.

      • The Liberals know how to use women.

        Now this b!#ch gets to pretend that she is Michelle Obama.

        Oh joy….

        • andycanuck

          Remember when the MSM criticized Mila Mulroney for her being upset that RCMP weren’t saluting her the way USMC ceremonial guards were saluting Nancy Reagan? Even the Sun told her she wasn’t part of the government. I wonder if today’s MSM will do the same for Sophie?

      • WalterBannon

        stay-at-home mom?

        is that what we call unemployed now?

        • Stay-at-home mums are unsung heroes.

          Trudeau’s woman is a gold-digger.

    • BillyHW

      Hypocrisy thy party is Liberal.

      • A million updings.

      • Will Quest

        With the libs back on the saddle a more appropriate meme than “ Canada is Back “ would be “ Andddd we’re baaaaackkkkk.” ….get use to it ~!?!
        Lock up your silverware folks ……… the liberal Poltergeists are baaaaackkk, the so-called
        ‘progressive’- ‘wealth distributors’ have breached the barracks .

  • andycanuck

    The last I read the two nannies will cost $500Gs over the four years. Hardly nothing IMHO.

    • BillyHW

      But Mike Duffy!

      • mobuyus

        mac harb.

    • Ottawa Eyes

      It’ll cost a lot more than that with all the extra personal services they will have to perform.

  • Frances

    If Mme Trudeau is a stay-at-home mum, then there would be no tax relief for the family should M Trudeau do the honourable thing and pay for his own childcare. Only when both parents have “working” income (or one parent is either in jail or in hospital), does a family get a deduction for childcare. So it just makes sense to them to put the nannies on the public payroll. No doubt they will justify this by saying that Mme Trudeau has an important – though unpaid – role as consort to the PM.

    By the way, how did the Harpers handle their childcare issues? Mrs Harper was very active in the community during her time as “Mrs PM”.