Douglas Murray with Sam Harris – The Refugee Crisis

  • Well articulated.

  • ed

    “breaking news” james foley now halal certified

  • ontario john

    Good news for muslim refugees coming to Canada. The media is reporting that they will have their own terminal area at the Toronto airport. They won’t have to wait in line or be inconvenienced by the standard hold ups there. And they won’t have to worry about the thousands of people already on waiting lists for public housing, as city officials set up fast housing for them. And they don’t have to worry about going to food banks with that growing number of seniors and young families getting in the way, as financial support will be available right away. Praise Allah!! And the liberal Christian churches are helping out. The Dec. issue of the United Church Observer has the heart warming stories of muslims fitting into Christmas here. Forget about muslims killing and torturing Christians around the world. When you think Christmas in Canada, you think islam.

    • marty_p

      The problem is that the refugees will be the “gift that keeps on giving”. So far the media have slightly touched on what is to be expected upon their arrival including mental health issues, massive dental bills, diseases not seen in Canada and major culture shock.
      Thank goodness I have no kids in public school where we can expect little Johnny will get sent to the principal’s office after they get into a fight when little Mohammed tells him he’s an infidel who will be going to Hell.

      • ontario john

        News from our Liberal masters this morning that we will get an additional 50 thousand muslims in 2016. Praise Allah!

        • Censored_EG

          Praise Allah! Justin Trudeau is the greatest friend of the Muslims in Canada! Praise be Mohammed (peace be upon him).

        • k1962

          That is sickening.

      • Waffle

        Since you mention it, there was an incident on the TTC about that very thing the other day. A black kid was called and monkey and HE was the one that did the apologizing. So now we know for sure how it will be.

        • ontario john

          I know from serving in the Middle East, that muslims there consider blacks as sub human. Indeed their word for blacks means slave.

          • Waffle

            I got some excellent insights into their way of thinking when I read Bernard Lewis’ The Muslim Discovery of Europe — an unforgettable read of how Muslims think of the “other” in their own words. They excel at the insult and the put-down — read up people. It’s available at the library. No excuses.

          • I haven’t read that one, I will. Lewis is indispensable. Still going strong at 99.