Donald Trump further vindicated on claims of “swarms” rejoicing at 9-11 – by CBS

Anyone remember the legacy media “Pinocchio” fact-checking farce, where the Washpo fact checker couldn’t be bothered to read his own paper on the question of whether some Muslims in the New York City area rejoiced over 9-11?

Look, we understand not reading his paper on his own time, but he was getting paid to do it, so …

From Breitbart:

Trump 100% Vindicated: CBS Reports ‘Swarm’ On Rooftops Celebrating 9/11

The DC Media has spent the last two weeks attempting to destroy Donald Trump with lies. Outright lies, and they are doing so in order to protect a 14 year-old cover up. Not only have eyewitnesses and contemporaneous reports proven Donald Trump 100% correct about Muslims celebrating 9/11, a just-uncovered local CBS News (WCBS-TV in New York) report completely vindicates Trump’s claim of “thousands and thousands” of Muslims celebrating the fall of the World Trade Center.

The video below is from a September 16, 2001 news report:More.

Reality check: Sure, but that doesn’t matter among the legacy demographic – the progressive apparatchiks (whose power is greatly increased) and the few people who still don’t get it about the Internet (who have no power).

Progressives in media will continue to assert fallacies as facts and denigrate actual facts.

They assume by the very nature of their commitments that narrative and spin matter far more than facts and evidence, in the long run.

The unfortunate problem is that by the time reality takes them out, it will have taken out many, many others first. People who did not need to die, but cannot help themselves.

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  • canminuteman

    I’ve told this story here before but it bears repeating. A mate of mine was working for an eletrical contractor at Celestica in Toronto, on Don Mills Road when the 9/11 attacks occurred. He left the building fearing for his safety because all the muslm employees where whooping it up and dancing on the tables in celebration. He told me this story a few months after the fact.

    • I would not be surprised.

      • Gary

        I remember the CBC special on that Friday which was the Town Hall debate.
        Mansbridge smiled as he did the intro for a show that would have the good muslims to denounce the 9/11 attack since they asked muslims and Arab youth to come to it in the Ottawa area .
        I guess the dolts there didn’t know the Sheema Khan’s hamas-funding CAIR had their HQ their plus Maher Aara’s radical jew-hating mosque he went to .
        The mic was handed to these young people and one by one they defended the attack , one even said that Canadians deserved to die for their tax dollars that buy bombs that are killing muslims.
        One young male muslims was irate and said that if you keep calling us terrorist I will become one.

        Peter look pale and shocked for what to do even when not one said islam was a religion of peace.

        Guess what , when the NDP’s Howard Hampton told the media there was rampant islamophobia and anti muslim attacks to blame them for 9/11 that had nothing to do with islam…. I researched his claims and his islamophobia claims came from a Imam that was followed up on and it seems that he was being told by muslim women in hijabs that ‘people ‘ were looking at them as if they were terrorists .
        The alleged 150 hate-crimes posted by the Police only 24 worth looking at by the evidence , then only about 4 were deemed a possible hate crime related verbal slur of which 2 had charges laid by just 1 was heading to Court.
        Not one report gave the faith or colour and Nationality of the bigot. Next I watch the new for a guilty conviction which would have made the CBC to prove their myth about canada from 1 example.
        But nothing .
        So I wanted to get the CBC Town Hall from the archives to download for Howard Hampton to see that he was played for a sucker.
        The video was pulled and no doubt buried which will take a FOIR filing but they’ll still drag to out to hide how muslims supported the 9/11 muslims terrorists .

    • Exile1981

      There was a celibrationbin brooks alberta that day and they had to shut the meat packing plant early.

  • Bill Smith

    Why would he read the WaPo? No one else does either.

  • Gary

    How about the CBC in 2005 that crusaded for Maher Arar’s $400,000,000.00 lawsuit for alleged torture in his homeland of Syria which he blamed on canada and yet I read a 2003 CBC archived news time from when Arar returned to Canada and told the media he was tortured in JORDAN for 14 days .

    $1 billion a year for the CBC to get quality journalism an yet they don’t even trust their own products to Fact Check them because they must assume it’s ALL lies anyway ….. so why use it to check FACTS.