#SueMeSaudi hashtag erupts taunting the Arabian nation for threatening legal action over comparisons to ISIS

Twitter users all over the world are taunting Saudi Arabia after its government announced that it will sue a person who compared the state to ISIS on social media.

The unnamed ‘offender’ had called the death sentence handed down to a Palestinian poet in Saudi Arabia ‘ISIS-like’, which saw the country’s justice ministry threaten legal action.

The hashtag #SueMeSaudi has since become a growing trend, with Twitter users pointing out the similarities between the Saudi Sharia law justice system, and that imposed by ISIS.

  • Barrington Minge

    Saudi Arabia and so-called ISIS. What’s the difference?

  • AlanUK

    One (Saudi Arabia) is an Islamic State, following a strict interpretation of Sharia law, the other is …

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      New Jersey.