Russia’s Failed Adventure in Syria

Russian President Vladimir Putin may well come to regret agreeing to Iran’s request for Moscow to intervene militarily in Syria’s brutal civil war.

The shooting down of a Russian warplane over the Syrian border by Turkey has graphically illustrated the risks Moscow faces after the Kremlin agreed to intervene on behalf of Syria’s beleaguered President Bashar al-Assad.

  • WalterBannon

    they should have used their nukes to intervene – there is no one worth saving in Syria, just exterminate them all

    • Hard Little Machine

      My vote is this is how Iran announces they’re a nuclear state. By using one there.

  • Hard Little Machine

    It would interesting if Iran eventually pushes Hezbollah to re deploy their huge cache of missiles at Syria. You know, all those missiles that UNIFIL tells us don’t exist because of UN-1701.

  • You can spin the Syrian pile of crap anyway you want.

    Syria is a perfect example of what Islam does to a society. Islam makes a society, as a whole, dysfunctional.

    Shia vs Sunni, strong man vs ISIS, Turkey vs Russia, East vs West, what difference does it make? The real problem is Islamic theology.

    No mosques, no Koran, no minarets, no mullahs – no problems. Get over all the intellectual fantasizing.

    • Except Assad functioned more like a secular technocrat, than an Islamist theocrat. Sorta like how Saddam Hussein functioned in Iraq. Both allowed a relative degree of religious pluralism compared to the theocratic States.

      • A “secular technocrat” inside an Islamic society still is dysfunctional.

        Islamic theology is toxic to humanity.

        • I agree we have done next to nothing to systematically dismantle the theological bases of Islamism. Not a heck of a lot of hope for “reform” if nobody thinks there’s nothing to reform. And if there’s no reform, then there’s only one solution: nuke ’em. The way we did with the Imperial Japanese who were hypnotized into Kamakazi attacks by an Emperor they considered to be Divine and infallible. Say what you will about nukes, but it resulted in “instant” reform!

          • dance…dancetotheradio

            As much as I have a visceral dislike of the Spanish.
            Owing as much to my English heritage as my Dutch.
            Both because of the Armada and the name Netherlands.
            At least the Spaniards got their country back.

          • Expelling Muslims is one way to deal with Islam.

            But the sea of brainwashed Muslims will continue to grow.

            A nuke on Mecca may do the trick.

            The real discussion about Islam needs to move from – what Islam is – to how to fix a badly broken blueprint for society.

  • tom_billesley

    A much overblown article.
    One Sukhoi does not a failure make.

  • Ho Hum

    The Gatestone institute is a source of neo-con propaganda. The Chairman is ambassador John Bolton – one of the biggest neo-cons around. These are the same geniuses that promoted the illegal and disastrous invasion of Iraq.

    How can they characterize the illegal downing of the Russian fighter jet by our so-called ally Turkey as an example of Russia`s failure. Russia is doing what the western coalition should have been doing a year ago. They are bombing the hell out of convoy of ISIS tankers shipping oil to Turkey. They are shutting off the supply of oxygen to ISIS.

    Putin is exposing Turkey`s treachery. Even Obama had to admit today that ISIS oil shipments are flowing through Turkey (a fact that he has turned a blind eye to up till now).