Respecting one’s heroes but taking issue – Thomas Sowell edition

I  admire Thomas Sowell, a common sense economist, but like many people of my generation and older, he may be behind the curve in understanding the Asshat Rebellion on campuses today.

From Sowell at Townhall:

Most of the leading academic institutions have multiple applications for every place available in the student body. Students who are expelled for campus disruptions can easily be replaced by others on the waiting lists.

Why then do so many colleges and universities not only tolerate storm trooper tactics on campus but surrender immediately to them? That is just one of a number of questions that are hard to answer.

These questions are easier to answer if we realize that arts faculties today do not feature a canon or introduce students to a discipline. They are holding tanks for useless artsies in a world run by techies.

Hard as it is for a man of Sowell’s accomplishments to imagine, the current system may well in fact be working the only way it can.

It is turning out an officer corps of focused, aggrieved, and unaccomplished people who will manage armies of less focused but equally aggrieved and unaccomplished people—who are no longer needed in the job-shrunk world of artificial intelligence.

Student angst about triggers, microaggressions, and “cultural appropriation” may capture an authentic experience: They have nothing to offer but angers and needs—and no one cares.

Why do parents pay big money, often at a considerable sacrifice, to send their children to places where small groups of other students can disrupt their education and poison the whole atmosphere with obligatory conformity to political correctness?

Because the children must learn how to live in a society whose non-tech sectors are dominated by people of little or no accomplishment but great and growing frustration.

Why do donors continue to contribute millions of dollars to institutions that have become indoctrination centers, tearing down America, stifling dissent and turning group against group? More.

Because rich people know where the money is, and the smart money is probably backing the growing progressive state. Doing otherwise is becoming increasingly dangerous.

That said, it would be safe for private individuals with little other clout to stop giving money voluntarily now. Government can compel it later. And isn’t there something disreputable about free people forging their own manacles?

See also: Asshat U seized by epidemic of witchcraft? Actually, it’s all so insane that it could be a 17th century European furore about witches.

Coincidentally or otherwise, here is a look at a new automated fast food place:

  • tom_billesley

    University Islamic Society students ‘make death threats’ as they disrupt controversial blasphemy lecture by human rights activist who they said ‘violated their safe space’

    One student switched off the projector after the speaker showed a cartoon of Muhammad, while a member of the audience said that an activist threatened to kill him during the talk.
    The Islamic Society spoke out in advance of the talk – titled ‘Apostasy, blasphemy and free expression in the age of ISIS’ – insisting Ms Nazamie should not be allowed to speak because of her ‘bigoted views’.

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