News reporter worst 2015 job?

Here at CareerCast:

Take newspaper reporter, for example, where poor job prospects, low pay and layoffs have plagued the industry for the past several years.

Erin Hayes, a former newspaper reporter in Boston, knows that all too well. Hayes graduated college in 2003 and worked her way up from editorial assistant to a position writing the Boston Herald’s “Inside Track” column. Unfortunately, she had the misfortune of entering the industry just as it began a steady decline that continues today.

“I realize now that it’s difficult to turn the ship on a dime, but I did wonder why the newspaper wasn’t adapting with social media,” she says. With stagnant wages and a plummeting hiring outlook, Hayes applied her passion for story-telling and media to video production, and she co-founded a Boston company that specializes in advertising called Media Boss.

To other reporters who are eager to make a career change, Hayes advises them to “try to empower yourself,” she says. More.

Reality check: Manufacturing is in the dumps all over, and the manufactured news business is no different. The main story here is that few now need what the legacy media are doing. And, people are not turned off by the progressive tub-thumping They just don’t need the old media in order to hear it.

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  • David Murrell

    One core problem is that the dominant corporate media cartel all say the same thing: the same boilerplate liberal opinion and one-sided news. So how can there be job creation, and more people buying news, if the cartel spews out the same old thing, day in and day out? The new Rebel Media will prosper, since they offer something more refreshing than stale liberal bread.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      Morrissey once sang in the song Panic:
      And the music that they constantly play, says nothing to me about my life.