Do Ahmadi Muslims Really Speak for Islam?

On a regular basis, and seemingly always after a jihadist attack, news stations reach out to individuals who claim to speak for Islam and who, by the way, happen to repeat the mantra that Islam is a “Religion of Peace” and prohibits violence.

Popular among these spokesmen are two individuals named Harris Zafar and Qasim Rashid. And when they are speaking, the caption below each usually includes the words “Ahmadiyya Muslim Community USA.” This is not only informational, but it also provides a caveat for those who know about Ahmadi Muslims. This article explains why.


A good article on an issue I have written about several times.

Our MSM, whether by ignorance or design trot out Ahmadi spokesman at the drop of hat.

The fact is they are not considered Muslims and they do not speak for “mainstream Islam”.

  • marty_p

    This is no different than interviewing Bernie Farber or the Rabbi at the Reconstructionist synagogue Darchai Noam and assuming they speak for all Jews .
    Unfortunately, when they interview PM Truedope he gets to say he speaks for all Canadians.