Two novels predict the rise of Muslim theocracies in the West


  • sometown

    And one that didn’t which had things backwards, Margaret Atwoods, The Handmaid’s Tale.

    • Atwood did a great disservice to Canadians with that book — the original account was about the repression of women under Islam, and Atwood flipped it upside down to portray it as repression of women under Christianity. At lot of the anti-Christian bigotry in Canada can be traced to Atwood’s influence.

      • Exile1981

        She is a nutter, last year she endorsed a book on bestiality for a govenor generals award.

  • Houellebecq’s novel is on my list of books to read within the next month or so. I’ve liked what I’ve read of him so far – “Platform” and “The Possibility of an Island” and I’ve heard good things about “Submission”.

    • Hard Little Machine

      The video is slightly inaccurate as Houellebecq (WELL-beck) actually WAS charged with hate speech and was forced to flee France for a while. BTW the book is quite good and a fairly fast read. The English translation is only about 250 pages.

  • tom_billesley
  • Menzoid makes a good point about the left “hiding its head in the sand”, so as to not “provoke” violence. The Left has always been disconnected from reality on this point. Going back to the Communist (Cold War) era they said the same thing about dealing with Communist dictators: “don’t publish the names of political prisoners and torture victims…” etc., “…because that will only make them angrier and they will torture the prisoners even more”. It was absolutely false — the prisoners themselves always stated the opposite — International scrutiny of the tyrants always resulted in better treatment because they were afraid of the bad PR, sanctions, et cetera.

    Ideologues are “selling” a product: Ideology. Just like any salesman, they know that bad PR results in lower “sales”, as it were.