Three more mass graves are discovered in northern Iraq after the booby-trapped remains of 120 Yazidis were found in town recaptured from ISIS just weeks ago

Three more mass graves have been found in northern Iraq – a day after the boob-trapped remains of 120 Yazidis were discovered nearby.

The graves are believed to contain between 80 to 100 bodies and were found in and around Sinjar, which was recaptured from ISIS militants earlier this month.

It comes a day after a mass grave rigged with explosives and believed to hold the remains of more than 120 ISIS victims, was discovered in the town.

  • The Butterfly

    If only Justine could have been elected sooner, they could have been buried in the nicest of Canadian blankets.

    • Wolf Man

      I simply cannot understand why JT cannot see that this ISIS disease must be stopped over there before we have anymore hurt here or trains blown up or so many many other things that could happen HERE!