The question we should be asking on Syrian refugees

“…The American people are far ahead of their elites in seeing the problem, even though our media, like the French and other Euromeadia, generally ignores the problematic aspects of not just Islamic culture, but the scriptural religion itself. Guided by a refugee policy begin by Jimmy Carter (of course!), the United States has been importing hundreds of thousands of Muslims as refugees and asylum-seekers. And the vetting is worse than useless”

  • Exile1981

    Asking a muslim a question about their views is useless their religion tells them to lie to further islam.

    we should take a page from the left. we ask each myslim if they are muslim and follow the tennents of islam. If they say yes we know they are a danger to western culture and refuse them entry and if they say no then we know they are lying and are a danger to society.

    • Blacksmith

      Hmm, I think that just might work……

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Trump and the other Republican candidates get it, while Obama lives in his ideological shell and Hillary doesn’t dare challenge him lest she face an early morning knock on her door by the FBI.