The ghost town of Sharm El Sheikh

It’s faced bombings and political turmoil over the past decade, and last month’s plane crash has left Egypt’s tourism industry in chaos.

Some 15million visitors a year were heading to the country up until the 2011 Arab Spring, but that had dropped to just 9million in 2014.

And this stunning collection of photographs reveals abandoned landscape of deserted beaches, unfinished hotels and a country in crisis.

Sharm El Sheikh

Who knew? Ancient Egypt bears a striking resemblance to a 2nd rate Vegas theme hotel!

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Let them eat sand.

  • andycanuck

    “Who knew? Ancient Egypt bears a striking resemblance to a 2nd rate Vegas theme hotel!”
    I blame Trump!

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Meanwhile, just over the border in Eilat, visitors encounter scenes like this.

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      Do you work for the Israeli tourism board?
      If so, WELL DONE!

      • Norman_In_New_York

        No, I am not “zig123ize.” However, I do have much ethnic pride.

        Tel Aviv is another major attraction. The skyscrapers of its financial district are only walking distance from the beach. After a hard day of dealmaking, visiting businessmen would be inclined to turn their attention away from Israel’s technological wonders and toward its natural wonders, some of whom wear bikinis. And Tel Aviv has no closing laws, so you can party all night.

    • marty_p

      He forgot to mention that in Eilat the best feature is the topless beaches.

      Here’s a pretty good review of Eilat tourism:

  • Although these early civilizations are examples of great achievement for the era, the fact is that they developed into brutal tyrannies (the Jews were in fact enslaved by the early Egyptians). The Egyptian idols were defaced by their inhabitants — evidence of an insurrection. Same things goes for the great Mayan civilization, which disappeared centuries before Columbus arrived in the New World. All of the stellae and idols representing the Mayan rulers when discovered by archaeologists, were found to be defaced in their original state. Everything points to tyranny and insurrection against tyranny. If Western civilization collapses it will likely be for the same reason. Global dreamers take note.

  • Everyone Else

    Egypt’s current government overthrew the Muslim Brotherhood.

    Israel wants Egypt to survive and has just signed a deal to supply it with natural gas.

    If Egypt becomes a failed state, Islamic extremists will take over.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      Egypt is a failed state.
      They can’t feed themselves.

      • Justin St.Denis

        That is actually not a measure of success or failure for Egypt. Egypt has never been able to feed itself. In other ME countries, people laugh at the very idea of Egyptian cuisine. “Egyptians bury stuff for half a year, then dig it up and eat it. Disgusting!” You hear this everywhere in the ME except Egypt. Note how even Toronto does not have a restaurant specializing in the preparation and serving of Egyptian cuisine,at least to my knowledge.

        • They must be still cooking with grain buried with the Pharaohs.

        • dance…dancetotheradio

          Icelanders do it, too.
          I’ve never tried the shark.
          My wife keeps trying to get me to eat rullupylsa and vinatarta.

  • Xavier

    They knowingly harbor terrorists. Eff them.

  • Justin St.Denis

    Yes, Egypt is cheesy, but it has nothing on Brunei. Just so’s you know…..

  • Jay Currie

    There is a wonderful integrity to really crappy decoration. It’s not just that they have a 1/10 sized Sphinx, it’s that it is a terribly rendered version of a sublime piece of art. Plus, if you are brave, a few hundred terrorist infested miles away is the real deal.

  • Ron MacDonald

    It looks as busy as a North Korean theme park.

  • Barrington Minge

    Visited Egypt on business once. Never again. Squalid, dirty, money-grubbing…oh yes and mooslim too. Avoid!!!