Teen in TTC spat with Muslims tells his side

Teen in Islamophobia BS“Things escalated when Van Dinther, who is mixed race with a black mom and a white father, and his friend, who is black, heard the Muslim women accuse them of “behaving like monkeys” and believed the women were making a racial slur against them.”

  • Alex

    Kiss muslims’ butts, kiss muslims’ butts – that’s all the police, media and politicians do anymore. I’m sick to death of it.

  • New Centurion

    Remember, according to Chrystia Freeland “Diversity is our strength”

    • The Butterfly

      She actually said that.

      • New Centurion

        Real Time with Bill Maher last week. About the 1:45 mark. She just couldn’t contain herself. Watch her; a typical “prog”, when the narrative doesn’t go her way, she just talks over Maher.

        • Gary

          She spews the Muslim brotherhood talking points on cue which is to infer the Bill is a racist islamophobe.

          I didn’t think she was that stupid but it’s on Video .

    • V10_Rob

      I would dearly love for them to actually explain WHY it is a strength. They can’t of course, but it’d be fun to watch them try.

      • Paulonthe400

        If you had a couple of white guys, a Muslim, a Black, and added a Nazi, doesn’;t that make this group even more diverse?… It means nothing but sounds great to Leftist Loogans.

  • Mark

    What a surprise. Another racial incident instigated by muslims. They adapt so well to other countries.

    Still waiting on those charges for the Peterborough mosque. Why am I not surprised there haven’t been any. Would be embarrassing to arrest a member of that mosque while the publicity is still hot.

    • There won’t be any Muslim apologies in that case either.

  • That’s the problem with having “speech Police”. Some much time is wasted on petty incidents. How much tax-payer money was wasted investigating this silly incident? It’s not even worth the cost of ink in the newspaper. If we would stop policing speech and allow everyone to exercise their rights, then everyone is on equal ground as far as defending themselves verbally.

    • mobuyus

      35years ago some one drove by and yelled something at me, I couldn’t quite make out exactly what they yelled, but now I feel I should have been offended by it. Is there a statute of limitations on investigating these things.

      • Apparently there’s no statute of limitations. They eliminated the word “nigger” from Mark Twain’s classic writings, from 150 years ago. Even though it was the colloquial parlance of the day, and Twain was clearly sympathetic to negro slaves. As a kid while reading about Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer and their friend Jim the slave, it stirred sympathy in me for the negro plight, not racism and hate.

        But the answer is yes, I think you should file a complaint with the HRC so they can investigate.

  • Clear Thinker

    The great thing about some folks is that they will tell you exactly what they mean and what they are saying because of their perception of their place on the victim pyramid. Right now Muslim hor(d)es (hahaha) feel they are at the top. This young fellow, hard to say where on the pyramid he might find himself. He probably has never even thought about it. At least the muslim ladies were not niggardly in their comments. Have I used enough trigger allusions yet? As I tell my friends get a big bag of popcorn, sit back, and let the ethnic crybabies kill each other. Toronto may have had summer of the gun whereby one culture tried to kill itself, now it will be multicultural in nature, and it wont include me, but I will be left to clean up the mess, and that is not the worst job in the world.

    • “Have I used enough trigger allusions yet?”

      Likely. Look, what did the kid do wrong? Look at him. He’s not some gangsta. Not all black people are, you know. It may shock you to hear it, but I’ve had the odd black friend, and they seem actually human to me.

      This Muslim woman called him a “monkey”.

      Now. As a Canadian-Brit., or whatever I am, I’m here to tell you that I simply didn’t know about the American monkey = black people thing until a few years ago (and I’m not all that old). So, yes, I know black people can be weirdly paranoid about this.

      (Much more annoying to me is this insane delusion that a hanged figure has to represent a lynching. Because nobody in human history was ever hanged prior to Reconstruction. Good grief.)

      Anyway: so I suppose it could have been a misunderstanding. But I doubt it. Arab Muslims are shockingly racist. If someone spat a racial slur of the most degrading type in your direction I bet you’d have words with her. He didn’t physically attack her. She called him a “monkey” and he called her a “terrorist”. In what sane world would anybody else, especially the bleeding transit authority, be involved in this squalid little nothing of an exchange? Let alone national newspapers, and public apologies, and related crap?


      • Actually the Blacks = monkeys thing came from Charles Darwin, and its offshoot, Social Darwinism. Early evolutionary charts were totally racist, they showed a progression of monkey, to Black Man, To Red Man, to Yellow man, and ultimately to the “highest” (sic) form of intelligence, the White Man. Black people were considered the closest to monkeys. Social Darwinian atheists are to blame, and their theory later influenced the development of racism in Hitler and the Nazis.

      • Clear Thinker

        hey I hear you, the kid is alright by me, 45 years ago I was living in his neighbourhood.

      • SDMatt

        Don’t forget the cops – they, the MSM, and the TTC called this a hate crime from the get-go.

        All three are not to be trusted. Ever.

        • bargogx1

          Yes, and I’ll bet the media were quite thoroughly disappointed that the guy turned out to be black, and young. It would have been so much better for the narrative if he’d been a middle aged white male.

      • bargogx1

        I blame the asshole who hit the emergency strip. Probably some bleeding heart do-gooder who was absolutely mortified that someone dared to say mean things to a Muslim. How dare they!

    • Will Quest

      Amen to that. With a bleeding heart so-called ‘progressive’ at the helm of our government , watch the victim-industry explode and every minority imaginable, with a rusty axe to grind, come out of the wood-work. I predicted the whiny indians would be first out of the gate …. screaming for apologies and bags of money .

    • El Martyachi

      The shitty thing is that prog agitation creates the justification for their salaries to keep the peace. Ya know, diversity coordinators. Community cohesion consultants.

  • DD_Austin

    more multicultural enrichment for the manure pile that toronto has become

    An international worldclass shitpile with a stick, build over the best farmland in

    Now thats leadership

    • Gary

      Muslim like to boast how there are almost 300,000 muslims in the GTA as if to make a threat that we are potential jihadists ready to kill you.

      So how telling it was when the anti-ISIS rally in Toronto last year only had about 25 muslims show up , yet in Calgary there were over 1000 pro-hamas muslims that came out for that jew-hating rally where a few broke off and attacked canadians.

      Close the doors now so we don’t become just another islamic hell-holes .

  • David

    I was driving in downtown Vancouver and got stuck in traffic (situation normal). It just so happened that I was stopped beside a back alley entrance. A cab driver going in the opposite direction decided he wanted access to said back alley. He rolled down his window and gestured to me to get out of his way. I gestured to him that there was nowhere for me to go at the time due to the traffic snarl. He started swearing at me, the f-bomb and all that good stuff. Apparently I came up with the perfect response. I asked him if he was a muslim. He immediately rolled up his window and drove away. Your welcome.

  • Achmed

    Even the word of a woman if she is Muslim is worth more than the word of any kaffir.

    • mobuyus

      What do you guys do with the clit after you cut it off?

  • chuck_2012

    these 3 children need to learn some manners. stupid kaffirs.

  • Ho Hum

    Just as expected this “Islamophobic” “hate crime” was another Muslim HOAX! I wonder if other media outlets will set the record straight? The CBC has done about two dozens articles on this “muslim backlash” on the TTC.

    I suspect that other “rash” of “hate crimes” against Muslim’s are hoax’s as well. For instance the Mosque set on fire in Peterborough. $110,000 was raised in crowdfunding in just two days. Did the Mosque not have fire insurance?

    • Gary

      The mosque out West was a hoax when it was spray painted with hate message during the Friday prayers. Nobody saw a thing , but once the community saw it on the news that became bad news for the Imam because trades people showed up to paint the walls and repair and damaged to them which ruined it for the Imam that wanted to media to get it on TV for a few days to milk it.

      I met a Muslim in Toronto that came from a small town where they settled when they came her. They told me that they had an old car as they struggled to start a business and one day outside the local Coffee shop his car died and would start.
      As he looked over his car a women walked by and noticed he had no tools or knew little about the car and he told her it would start.
      Then they told me that about 10 minutes later 3 vehicles showed up and the strangers came at him and then they fixed his car right their with tools for free.
      They were shocked that this happens in Canada , they were even more shocked when I saw it as normal in small towns and didn’t make a big deal about it.

      These are the stories you never hear on the CBC or read in the STAR…we are all racists islamophobe haters that caused the Toronto-18 muslim terrorists to want to kill us.
      Now we have fake hate-crimes because islamic org.’s and Imams don’t have real cases of islamophobia and backlash and must fabricate them to deflect the focus for the Paris slaughter by muslims.

      That muslim girl on the Subway was quick to run to the Police to report a fake hate-crime to appease their Imam by inciting hatred for canada , But now that she is exposed for a racists slur at three black students to call the Monkeys , she refuses to talk to the Police.
      Charge the liar and taqiyyah bitch to set an example NOW to other muslims that false claims to the Police is a crime and waste of money and the hoaxes must stop because you’re going to Court and maybe jail for LIES.

      Watch how the islamic org’s will run to her side and find some excuse for the racists insult , no doubt they will put their foot in their mouth and claim they the girl fear being knifed or shot because Black youth are know to carry weapons and prone to crime .
      That poor black guy, thanks to Barbara Hall ….muslim always trumps Black because of the terrorism to get their way while blacks aren’t know for strapping on bombs .

      The poor Police had no choice but to file the report rather than risk the racists islamophobe label by CAIR and loose the jobs or get death threat from muslims .

      terrorism works so they don’t have to .

  • Justin St.Denis

    When Arab muslims allude to monkeys in the presence/vicinity of black people, you can be 99.9% certain that Arab supremacism is in the air, and it just happens to smell anti-black at that moment. Oh, and it was intentionally offensive. That is how Arab muslims roll.

  • john700

    Malvern Monkeys vs. East York Bombers


  • bargogx1

    Notice how he had to apologize, but they didn’t.

  • marty_p

    The derogatory term for blacks in Arabic according to my Lebanese buddy is “Aswad Abeed”


    $10 says that’s what the Muslimas were calling the kids