‘Sleeping Beauty’ axed from Sleeping Beauty pantomime because of gender stereotypes

At Bristol’s Old Vic theatre this Christmas, it will not be Sleeping Beauty who pricks her finger on a spinning wheel and falls into a deep slumber.

Instead, it will be a Prince named Percy, who has to be saved by a heroine.

This is because the producers of the pantomime don’t want to enforce gender stereotypes on children.

  • Hard Little Machine

    As long as there’s some reverse cowgirl I’m ok with it.

  • Blacksmith

    What no transgendered queer with a penis?

  • Tom Forsythe

    And instead of pricking his finger…

  • bargogx1

    If they don’t like the fairy tale the way it is, they should write their own damn fairy tale. Assuming of course they have the talent, which they probably don’t.

  • Alain

    Full blown mental illness aided and abetted by Western governments.

  • Everyone Else

    kissing her while she’s asleep is sexual assault

    • Waffle

      A kiss is rather tame when you consider this version of the original Sleeping Beauty:

      “An episode contained in Perceforest, the “Histoire de Troïlus et de Zellandine,” (Book III, chapter lii) is one of the earliest known versions of the Sleeping Beauty theme. In this version, Troilus rapes Zellandine in her deep coma, and she delivers the child without waking.”

      Of course, by the time the story came down to us in the 1800’s through the Grimm Brothers, it had more or less been sanitized to fit the sensibilities of the time. So by that kind of reasoning, perhaps Ms Cookston can be forgiven for updating this old tale.

      Aside from the story itself, what I found very interesting is that it became popular and widespread in the early 1500’s, thanks to the new technology of the printing press.