New Canadian renounces oath to the Queen, pledges ‘true’ loyalty only to Canada

A Toronto man publicly recanted “the royalty part” of the mandatory Oath of Allegiance to the Queen moments after becoming a Canadian citizen on Monday, choosing to pledge his “true” loyalty only to Canada and its people.

Dror Bar-Natan, a math professor from Israel, says the monarchy is a symbol of inequality and calls the portion of the oath dealing with it “repulsive.” But he believes strongly in the rest of the pledge that deals with citizens’ responsibilities.

Why did he come here?

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Did they tell him he’s in the wrong country?
    I thought it was only the Americans that didn’t pledge loyalty to the English monarchy.
    Then again, that whole pledging loyalty to Canada is not all that big down here either…
    I’m at a loss.
    If I were to permanently move to Canada I would strive to be the most “Canadian” Canadian that ever lived.
    Why is he there again?

    • I could do without him.

      • john700

        Your comment could be construed as anti-semitic.;-)

    • Exile1981

      Actually they explain at citizenship oaths that recanting is grounds for being kicked out.

      • andycanuck

        Unless you’re wearing a face covering. Then they can’t prove it was you lying under oath. /sarc

  • El Martyachi

    His ass needs to be publicly recanted somewhere else then.

    • So does Justin Trudeau’s. The Queen’s response to Trudeau’s toast: “Thank you Justin Trudeau for making me feel so old”. The CBC describes it as “a cheeky response”. No folks, Justin just got kicked in the balls by the Queen. On freakin’ twitter no less:

      And of course we should never forget how Justin threatened, as an MP, to lead Quebec to separate from Canada. He’s a traitor.

      • mauser 98

        the trust fund brat will shred history.. re-write it to his suit his dogma

      • John

        Yesterday Montréal’s CJAD radio played a recording of his speech at the climate conference in Paris. He spouted a bunch of meaningless meandering platitudes.

        Not too swift.

        And yes, The Queen’s response was delightful. But how long did it take Justin to figure it out?

        The Queen probably hated Trudeau senior…but not as much as she hates junior.

    • winniec

      He was lying under oath.

      • Clausewitz

        I believe that’s called perjury, a felony.

        • john700


  • Clink9

    Screw him and the horse he rode in on.

  • It’s too late. Canadian sovereignty was already thrown out the window over the niquab issue. It won’t stop now until the Marxists have 100% control.

    Not that I admire the Royal Family — it’s difficult for a non-Brit to get excited about them. Nevertheless Canada is still legally connected to the Monarchy, and this is another assault on Canadian sovereignty.

    • winniec

      Ricardo, you don’t know how much the Royal Family does. The Royals can really put someone in their place when they are out of bounds. You may remember what King Carlos said to Chavez when Chavez insulted a Spanish cabinet minister gratuitously, “Porque no te cayes?” (Why don’t you shut up?) Only a king could do that.

      • I was referring to “pomp and circumstance”, “royal watching”, “personality cult” and so forth — I’d honestly have to a Brit to get excited about that. Diplomatic influence, charitable work, and the power they wield just by virtue of their position, is something else (I suppose I’d say the same thing about the Papacy). I’m actually a Monarchist for political reasons — being a member of the Commonwealth could afford certain protections for Canada especially in time of war. Although the situation has never arisen, we never know what the future holds. If the British were willing to cross the ocean to take back the tiny Falklands after an invasion (with Prince Andrew as a combat helicopter pilot!), I’m sure Canada could count on her help.

      • AlanUK

        I can just imagine Prince Phillip saying that!

  • Fran800

    I thought his application had been rejected. Why do we always back down after showing even the tiniest bit of spine? And why can judges always be found to accommodate these jerks? And how can they afford to keep making appeals? I could never do it.

    As for his pledge of loyalty to Canada and its people, I repudiate any part of that loyalty that might apply to me.

    • The Liberals already renamed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the Ministry of Global Affairs. It’s not about Canadian interests anymore, it’s about Global interests. It’s about Global government — I can’t pledge allegiance to a Global government.

      • winniec

        Who gave this arrogant bunch the right to tell the GLOBE what to do?

        • They are preparing for allowing more UN intervention. The plan is to have the UN eventually to be the world government.

  • winniec

    Didn’t he check before he signed up for Canada? Didn’t he read our history? If he had, he would have learned the philosophy of ‘nobility’ which involves ‘noblesse oblige’…the idea that ones privileges are an obligation to serve. That principle is absent in the American republic which is based on laissez faire capitalism and rugged individualism. The notion of ‘giving back’ is considered obligatory in monarchies, but not in republics. The idea that we are all created equal is a myth at best. There’s no equality in nature. In a monarchy, those who have greater gifts, rewards and intellect have an obligation to give back. The crown recognizes excellence and draws attention to it, not for financial reasons, but for the multiple benefits that that excellence brings to our quality of life. Equality before the law is one thing, but equality as a creed cannot be demonstrated to exist. It clearly doesn’t. The royal family is not associated with a political party and is truly above politics. The monarch’s most important role is to keep too much power from the government. If the government abuses its trust, the monarch can call the army and stop the government from ruling against the will of the people. A republic cannot do that. When a moral or constitutional crisis occurs in a republic, a crisis can drag on and on. But monarch is able to act as fire extinguisher in a constitutional crisis by forcing the government to step down and by calling new elections. While every government must rely on imperfect humans, monarchies tend to be more stable, wealthier and caring countries than republics. Our system is working superbly well, so don’t fix what isn’t broken.

    • Israel is a communist country. I don’t think he understands loyalty to a monarchy, only loyalty to the commune.

  • Ron MacDonald

    He showed up to challenge Harper’s attempt to take away citizenship from terrorists.who are Canadian citizens.

  • Ottawa Eyes

    His lawyer (and UofT math professor) Peter Rosenthal is a lifelong communist and former executive member of the Communist Party of Canada. Rosenthal is also the lawyer for John Clarke the founder and longtime obenfuhrer of the violent Ontario Coalition Against Poverty.

    This was just another communist stunt against Canadian culture.

  • marty_p

    As a Jew I can understand his rationale for not wanting to swear allegiance to the Queen for a couple of reasons:

    The Royals are anti-Israel, they have visited every Arab shit hole dictatorship in the Middle East multiple times but refuse to set foot in Israel (in an official capacity).

    They have links to an Anti-Semitic past which they refuse to disclose or denounce:

    • Censored_EG

      Hear, hear! Who wants to swear loyalty to this muzzie lover?

      • Hmm, I dunno. They weren’t so “pro-muzzie” when Princess Diana was engaged to a muzzie.

        • Censored_EG

          More to do with the fact she was no longer with Prince Charles of Arabia and partying it up with Euro trash than anything else.

      • Isn’t he dressed as D.E. Lawrence, aka Lawrence of Arabia here?

    • Alain

      Sorry but it isn’t about any of that; it is about rejecting our form of government. He was not forced to come here and certainly not forced to apply for citizenship.

  • Mr_bigstuff

    Why does the so-called MSM give these assholes so much ink? Anything that makes a Canadian tradition look bad is gleefully reported by the MSM and supported by the wing nut bat shit crazy loser leftists-

  • Alain

    He then disqualified himself from Canadian citizenship, and in a sane world citizenship would be denied to him.

  • He’s a Marxist, they are only loyal to the State.