Muslim terrorist Abu Hamza’s former mosque hit with PETROL BOMB in ‘Paris revenge attack’

Detectives have released CCTV footage which shows a hooded attacker wearing a baseball cap walking up to the mosque gates before jumping and throwing the lit petrol bomb over.

He later fled on a moped before police arrived and removed the homemade explosive, which contained five litres of fuel in a jerry can.

  • Brenda

    The police always seem to arrive in time to defend the mosques, and never in time to defend the concert halls. Heck, they can’t even catch the fugitives without putting entire cities on lockdown.

    • Blacksmith

      And still letting the ringleader escape to Syria.

  • Maurice Miner

    Ah, yes, old “Hooky” Hamza – I thought he was in jail.

    Nevermind – it’s good to see that he still gets itchy eyes.*

    (*scratch – scratch – OW! My hook!!)

    • Raymond Hietapakka

      • Gary

        Are they all ugly with yellow teeth???

      • Clink9

        Cap’n Hook comes in handy for something.

  • SDMatt

    How do you “throw” 5 litres of liquid in a jerrycan?

    This has dumb written all over it – wouldn’t be surprised if it’s an inside job by a Mohammadan.

    • WalterBannon

      Either that or a leftist. As you can tell by the fact that they rode a scooter.

    • Gary

      Yes, like the recent Mosque in Peterborough and the Pickering mosque back in 2005.

  • Gary

    Did the Master-Race Muslims think that they could just keep slaughtering civilians
    for allah and France would lay there to die.
    The Chapel Hill killer was provoke by those muslims that thought they owned American because CAIR would defend them and Hooper would go on a islamophobia ranting .
    Muslims have yet to see real backlash by Patriots once muslims go too far and slaughter thousands again as they did on 9/11/01 by 19 MUSLIM’S .

  • bargogx1

    How much longer before western countries are torn apart by open warfare? Where Islam goes, warfare follows.

  • k1962


  • V10_Rob

    Soooo…. When’s John Kerry going to make a statement as to how this attack (assuming it’s not a false flag) is ‘understandable’ in light of the outrage caused by the Nov. 13 attack?

  • Exile1981

    Who toss a jery can with an unlit rag onto pavement to cause damages?

    look at the pic. the rag is unlit when thrown.