Public Schools ♥ Terrorism

A public school forcing children to recite the Lord’s Prayer or write proselytizing sermons for Mormon missionaries would be condemned for violating the “separation of church and state”. But in the minds of the Leftist who have a stranglehold on public educations, making students recite the Shahada isn’t a violation of “separation of church and state” because the Constitution doesn’t say anything about the “separation of mosque and state.”

  • Eric MacLeod

    The Constitution doesn’t say anything about “church and state”either.

  • Gary

    Barbara Hall and McGuinty along with the TDSB know deep down inside that followers of islam are usually predisposed to jihad killing and riots.
    They won’t admit but their actions show that they fear not meeting the demands of muslims , they see the pro-hamas thugs in Calgary that rioted and beat-up Canadians along with the Toronto -18 that CAIR supported even when the terrorism plot was to slaughter about 10,000 civilians in Toronto via their truck bombs.

    Barbara hall and Wynne must think that they will be spared under sharia law because they helped the muslims spread sharia law and bring about the caliphate in Canada to claim it for allah .
    No wonder gays were put in nut houses as mental Illness to prtect them from them self , just look at how the PRIDE parade allowed 2 pro-sharia pro-hamas groups when hamas would slit their throats in public and feed their guts to dogs.