What you pay for at Daycare U

List of 15 benefits here, including:

3) “A University in the San Francisco Area Actually Told Students To Call 911 if They Were Offended….Administrators at a Catholic university in the San Francisco Bay Area have rescinded an official school policy instructing students to clog up the regional 9-1-1 emergency reporting system to report ‘bias incidents.’

The school is Santa Clara University, reports Campus Reform…Until this month, however, Santa Clara administrators have been instructing students to report ‘bias incidents’ using the emergency service reserved for dispatching police, firefighters and ambulances.

‘If the bias incident is in progress or just occurred: ALWAYS CALL 911 IMMEDIATELY,’ the Santa Clara website instructed students in fierce, all-capital letters.” More.

Reality check: As the movement grows, such policies will not be so easily rescinded. If my guess is correct – that the aggrieved students will become gatekeepers in bureaucracies that manage surplus people – they are learning the right lessons: Their hurt feelings are an emergency for everyone who depends on them. Threats to the life and health of those others are small potatoes by comparison.

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U Guelph students understand their true prospects way better than the adminbot they harass


The No More Free Daycare at the U movement
Readers, next time you hear from any U alumni office, forward this. No one should give a cent to any U that can’t match this.

  • Students, take these classes at your own financial risk.

    They will cost you way too much money, with no opportunity for a job afterwards.

  • Minicapt

    And then 911 transfers the ‘bias call’ to the home or office phones of the University President.