Religion of Peace

I guess dead is peaceful.

…it’s true as far as it goes to say that in living memory, religion has been the prime-motivator for mass casualty terrorism. But by religion we then mean, almost exclusively, the religion of Islam.

It’s not true to say that, at least as far as the twentieth and twenty-first centuries are concerned, all religions are prone to it, or that the main problem is “extremists” of all religions. The numbers show that this, to put it even more plainly, is a lie. No Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists Sikhs, Zoroastrians or any other non-Muslim religious have executed a mass casualty terrorist attack in the twenty-first century. In the twentieth century there were perhaps as many as 3 attacks by non-Muslim actors, as opposed to over 200 such attacks my Muslims.

Mass casualty terrorism is a largely Muslim phenomenon. Considering religious groups only, it is almost exclusively Muslim.

…I sorted the attacks into eleven categories:

  • Chechen/Palestinian
  • Criminal (Columbian drug cartel bombings aimed at creating terror)
  • Cult (Aum Shinrikyo)
  • Jewish (The King David Hotel bombing and the Kahanist Cave of the Patriarchs Massacre)
  • Left-wing (anarchists, non-nationalist communists, Shining Path)
  • Muslim (All Jihadist attacks not including attacks by Palestinians or Chechens)
  • Right-Wing (Anti-Castro groups, Czech and Italian Neo-Fascists, Militia movement, anti-insurgent paramilitaries)
  • Separatists/Nationalists (IRA and Ulster Loyalists, Tamil Tigers, Basque and Kurdish Nationalists)
  • Sikh (Air India Flight 182)
  • State sponsored (Libya and North Korea bombings)
  • Unknown

There is no Christian, Buddhist or Hindu category because there were no attacks that appeared to be primarily motivated by Christianity, Buddhism or Hinduism.

  • Anti-Castro groups? Refresh my memory. Is that in reference to that fist-fight or whatever that broke out in the Cuban Embassy in Montreal about 40 years ago, between anti-Castros and Cuban security agents? Hardly a massacre.,

    • UCSPanther

      There were a few groups, like the Omega 7 terror group that was active from the 1960s until the 1980s. They were responsible for a string of assassinations and bombings against Cuban assets and Castro loyalists in the US, and were busted up by the FBI. Others, like Alpha 66 are still said to be active.

      Many of their older members were bitter veterans of the Bay of Pigs fiasco who felt betrayed by the US (They’re probably right), and thus, started their own operations against the Castro commies.

      • Cool! As long as they didn’t target innocent civilians, they sound like my kind of people. Communist dictators should be assassinated, as should Muslim dictators.

  • isabelkocsis

    It´s a pity, but also Hindus are killing people in the name of their religion. Recently some Hindus murdered Moslems for eating beef. Hindus murdered two professors , who wanted intercaste-marriages. The party BJP with Modis government is defending Hindutva, Hindu-Fundamentalists. Its a new phenomen, not very often, but it exists.

    • Blacksmith

      And the percentage would be? Also I haven’t heard of any Hindu ‘mass casualty’ attacks which is what this report specifically covers.

    • ismiselemeas

      There have been a number of mass casualty Hindu attacks since the 1900s.
      Sikhs have been very active in India as well. Hindutva is on the rise under Modi.

      • Alain

        You can try all you want to redirect the topic, but until you can show that any other religion comes anywhere near Islam in daily violence, killings and violence across the world, I suggest you give it a rest.

        • ismiselemeas

          Having a bad day there Alain? I’d say I’m the least of your worries.

  • Blacksmith

    Such a surprise to find that terrorism =pisslamist. NOT!

  • Bruised Orange

    Tried to explain this very point the other day and got deleted. At least here you can say the truth about Islam.