Jonah Goldberg on “cultural appropriation” at Daycare U

And marvels at what happened to demands for “diversity.” From Goldberg, author of Liberal Fascism:

It’s gotten to the point where even admiration for non-European culture is denounced as bigoted if that admiration blossoms into so-called “cultural appropriation.” Ethnic food fads are denounced for their insensitivity; the website recently offered “The Feminist Guide to Being a Foodie Without Being Culturally Appropriative.”

For generations, we’ve heard that “diversity makes us stronger.” I’ll leave it to another day to question whether this premise can withstand the test of reality. The relevant point is that many of the chief beneficiaries — or at least their self-proclaimed leaders — of what was once called “Diversity Inc.” now reject the logic of diversity at the most fundamental level. The famous “melting pot” is now derided as a kind of cultural genocide. More.

Reality check: The only “diversity” most SJW’s are marketing is their needs and feelings, and in the real world there is no free market for that. There is likely a government market, however, for minders of large herds of needy people who will not be required in the work force, as the economy is set to depend increasingly on artificial intelligence and innovativeness.

So, as noted earlier, the precious little asshats are in intensive training for that role, via learning to market their only assets: needs and demands.

It’s their right to be that way, and government’s right to encourage it, and to force voters to pay taxes for it. But it is not part of the purpose of a university, and alumni should not support the U’s that cave. Let’s put the money into achievement and productivity where it is actually happening.

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The No More Free Daycare at the U movement. Readers, next time you hear from any U alumni office, forward this. No one should give a cent to any U that can’t match this.