Video highlights: Hundreds rally for Toronto to ‘stop bullying Christians’

Earlier this week LifeSiteNews reported on Saturday’s “Stop bullying Christians” rally in Toronto where over 600 participants prayed, listened, waved signs, danced and sang hymns in Toronto’s Dundas Square before marching to City Hall to protest what they say is the city’s blatant discrimination against Christians.

  • Maggat

    Lets hope these people, with their demonstrations, peaceful protests put an end to this despicable ruling from a closeted, cowardly little city hall despot. More power to them.

  • ontario john

    I hope this doesn’t interfere with the Mayor’s “Festival of Lights”. Why can’t they be like West Hill United Church in Toronto and celebrate the “Winter Solstice” and have an atheist minister.

  • Petrilia

    I almost fell out of my chair. Thank you and may many more follow. How brave you are to spurn Toronto”s ridiculous s and mostly unintelligible rules. That none of them even know.Brave brave, carry-on .

  • I remember a couple years ago when this preacher had a small kiosk at the Gay pride parade. He was polite, self controlled, he answered questions honestly, and he allowed his critics to speak without interruption. How did the Gays at the parade react? They mobbed him, ten people against one. Pushed him, and at one point a tall white Gay guy slapped him in right in the head. It’s all on video — it can’t be denied. And he didn’t fight back. He continued to react with civility. (Thank God I wasn’t there — I happen to be “backslidden” Christian — I don’t follow the principle of “turn the other cheek”. I would have would have beat the man who slapped him with a steel bar. I happen to believe in the principle of self-defense).

    • simus1

      The inbred clique you describe harassing the pastor at the pride parade are not without close friends in the city admin capable of continuing the harassment elsewhere if you get my drift.

      • If I slap John Tory because I disagree with him, will John Tory promise to turn the other cheek?

        The Left doesn’t realize the psychological effect their bigotry is having on people. I have no problem if people want to be bigots, but I don’t think bigotry should be sponsored by the Government.

        Sometimes people lose their minds, pick up a gun, and blow people’s brains out as a result — which is precisely what the Left wants, so they can justify more bigotry. When is Tory going to realize that he is a tool?

      • A White Gay guy slapped a Black pacifistic Evangelical preacher in the
        head. For Nothing. The Black evangelical preacher you see in that
        video. And he never resisted, he never even went to Police. I think we
        should distribute the video of the “slap” to the U.S. Do you realize
        how huge the Black Evangelical movement is in the U.S.? Not all of
        them are pacifists. How about if we give the video to Fox News — the
        largest news network in the U.S.? They’re pro-Evangelical. Mr. Tory. I
        hope you get my drift.

  • Gary

    John Tory is turning out to be a real let down and now joins the Hollow Men filled with straw such as Justin and Obama that lean together in Peace with soft voices.
    Just another pig at the Public trough that lives in a wealthy White area while pointing at others as the racists and intolerant bigots. I believe that the hard core haters on the left and among Liberal progressive went after Rob Ford because his life was to be among the masses and actually touch the poor, the sick and Blacks while visiting Government housing which was a huge mirror at City Hall that the closet racists and Bigot had to look at each day which exposed them to the public.
    Chow ran for the Mayor on her platform that she’s not White and NOT a male, Jack Layton and Olivia acted like they defended women’s rights and immigrants but he was caught in a Massage parlour that ran the human smuggling sex trade to force the victims to cater to misogynistic pigs .
    When Chow was asked about the Sex-trade problem for these rub-n-tug shops, she didn’t want the shut down or have the RCMP stop these gangs… sir, Chow said we needed to get better access for these women to our welfare system to get away from that life of abuse.
    To hell with stopping women outside of canada from becoming victims, Chow perfected gorging at the Public trough as if it’s FREE money and wanted more people to gorge with her to blend in so she’s not noticed as having the biggest snout and pot belly.

    T.S.Elliot was right about these 3-amigo’s filled with straw as shapes free of form and silent winds blowing through dry grass.
    Promise everything during the campaign but do nothing once in power.