The bizarre moment three cars ‘LEVITATE’

This is the bizarre moment cars appeared to levitate in the air as one drove towards a crossroads in central China.

The strange clip emerged on LiveLeak and shows the three vehicles being pulled upwards before one rolls onto its side in the city of Xingta

  • Gary

    Wow, that looked like a very strong magnetic pulse because the rear lifts up but the van twists and jump to the side.
    Very tough for Penn and Teller to try this with wires .
    Even the car jumps funny. The only thing I could guess to do that would be a MRI machine in the back being shipped and it took another large metal vehicle to affect the field because at first the rear goes up but the vehicle behind it lifts at the front and moves back as does the van .
    I seen images of a MRI unit where a cleaner came in the room to buff the floor but got close to the unit and it was sucked right into the Donut and flew out of the hands of the cleaner.
    One person made a video and had a large wrench on a string and moved to slowly to the machine and it lifted up almost horizontal from a good distance away.

    Keep watching it and see how there could be some magnetic sensor in the ground to run the Lights while the van had a MRI unit and they had the same Poles that repel.

  • Gary

    Watch for the 00:10 second mark because I just saw some type of force rip the spare Tire off the bottom to pull in down to the road.

  • lolwut?

    Relax, rosie o’donnell just tripped and fell on a visit to China

  • Xavier

    More proof of global warming.

  • Gary

    Just a note at how low the CBC stooped to shill for Justin over these 25,000 homophobic Syrian refugees he promises to let in .

    They posted a story about a Syrian refugee feeding the homeless in Germany as he cooks meal fresh on the street.

    Just a couple of problems , I dug deeper outside the CBC and Canada’s internet and the man was a refugee years ago and is a Syrian Christian that is part of an Outreach group giving back to Germany .
    Why waste a good lie when it can make Justin look good and shut up those islamophobes that want the Syrians refugees vetted.
    If they were Christian’s Mr. Trudeau we know the leftist liberals and progressive would rant about the homophobia in the bible and oppressing women.
    But somehow when the quran and Sharia law sanctions murdering gays and flogging women you call that Diversity and lower the moral bar for muslims as if they aren’t fully human yet and lets allow rape gangs and tossing gays from roof tops in exchange for their votes .

    The Syrian feeding the homeless was already hijacks by muslims and purged of him being a christian , my guess is that Obama will add this to his lies about Widows and Orphans from Syria .

  • Brett_McS

    Dezza the Kiwi has the explanation:

    • terrence

      Thanks for posting this Brett_McS. I am sure the tin foil hat conspiracy believers will reject it out of hand.

      • Minicapt

        The cable was part of a ‘ley line’ being plucked …


  • simus1

    That’s good cable!

    Of course the vans being “lassoed” are little more than tin plated boxes on wheels.