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Eagles of Death Metal Discuss Paris Terror Attacks

  • ontario john

    Since the media says all Canadians are excited about our new “Sunny Ways” Canada, here is the news from the Saturday Star. 1. Heart warming stories on refugees coming to Canada. 2. Heather Mallick: Trudeau saved us, Harper is evil. 3. Tony Burman: Trudeau saved us, Harper is evil. 4. The Star continues its bizarre feud with Post Media over the Post’s support of Harper in the election. Because as we all know, the Star does not support any party. 5. Heart breaking stories on how muslim women find it hard to wear bags over their heads. 6. Star is puzzled why so many movies have flopped at the box office. It then praises the new films coming out for Christmas, most of which have to do with homosexuals and transgenders.

  • ontario john

    Please remember everyone to tone down the religious aspect of Christmas this year. We want to make the refugees and our diverse communities comfortable. The Star reminds its readers that its Christmas hamper program has nothing to do with the Christian faith, the city won’t allow Christmas concerts on its property, celebrations and trees at city hall will be called the festival of lights. And West Hill United Church and its atheist minister has announced on its website that Christmas at their church will be celebrating the Winter Solstice instead of Christmas.

  • ontario john

    Good news for taxpayers under our new Sunny ways government. Trudeau has just announced 15 million dollars for African youth. Swiss bankers are excited at the prospect of a whole new clientele. Yes, what better represents the new Canada, than Trudeau giving away billions on global warming scams, and now millions to young Africans.

  • T.C.

    I watched about half of this and gave up viewing it when I realized that none of these guys had any desire to fight back. Or even had anything intelligent to say about the cult that slaughtered their fans and friends. Nor did they have anything critical to say about the leftist governments and political thinking that had deliberately put them in this position. No anger, just all weepy and sad. Passive acceptance of their fate. Rather depressing.