ISIS and US: Believers vs. Agnostics

Political leaders, East and West, are separated by more than custom, tradition, or practice. The divide is cultural.

Put aside for the moment obvious things like power differentials or even notions of winning and losing. The Caliph of the Islamic State is obviously having a better year than any politician in the West if anyone keeps score these days. The Friday the 13th Paris pogrom and that sabotaged airliner full of Russian tourists clearly go into the win column for Caliph Baghdadi. Kinetic failure in the West is again manifest: no Intelligence, no warning, no defense, and no real coalition. Canada defected from the deployed anti-ISIS team just days before the recent Paris massacre.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    “The best lack all conviction, while the worst are full of passionate intensity.” – W.B. Yeats

  • Islam is a slow motion war, where Muslim warriors (jihadis) hide amongst the “pleasant” Muslims. And the indigenous population slowly has its pre-Islam identity erased.

    This tactic has worked quite well for the Islamic ideology. In the 1,400 years since Mohammad, this Islamic ideology has managed to spread over 20% of the globe.

    The Ideology itself is the problem. It is toxic. It creates the jihadis and their incentive to murder.

    The indiscriminate murderous tactics used by the jihadis create a no-win situation for the defending population. Jihadis use their own population as “human shields”.

    Islamic ideology is the problem. It needs to be challenged, and made fun of. Mosques need to be destroyed. The mullahs need to be arrested. All physical signs of Islam need to be illegal in public.

  • Gary

    I had predicted that the groups currently bashing Christians and heterosexuals will rue this day because once the islamists start their grand Jihad these groups will be the first ones hanged or beheaded while nobody will come to rescue them because they screwed over about 90% of the population as their enemies to be hated and attacked .
    Gays will pine for the days when they couldn’t get a Pizza after a gay wedding from a Christian when they are about to be tossed off a roof top by islamists that don’t just dislike them , they want to KILL them .

    • V10_Rob

      Likewise for the feminists. A cursory glance at muslim-majority nations should provide them with nightmare fuel for a lifetime, yet they spend all their energy waging war against a scientist’s shirt, guys quietly playing video games, and a thousand other imagined slights. The only explanation I can think of is that since they themselves aren’t in the religion, it’s not THEIR patriarchy, so it doesn’t apply to them. You’d think their counterparts in London, Sweden and other European centers would clue them in.

      Likewise for the devout anti-religionists. If you think the lingering pieces of theater, like swearing on a Bible, are oppressive comminglings of church and state…

      • Gary

        When Justin supported gender-cide abortions to female babies and he defended sharia law in Canada for the Niqab and Burka…… I noticed how both issues affect BROWN women and Immigrants right when he accused Harper of a war On Women.
        Hell… Justin admired China and said it to a groups of Women while China had the 1-child policy and sent Abortion truck in to the farmlands to catch pregnant women trying to have more babies at home in secret. They were dragged into the Clinics on wheels to suck the baby out and then tossed back to do farm chores.

        Liberalism is a Mental Disorder from birth where the victims are detached from their conscience and thus can’t see the ram they do to the same people they claim they are helping .
        Unwed mothers as teens used to be shamed and kept quiet when possible, but in today’s Liberalism it’s something to aspire to and become a Ward Of The State where the Government is the Father for life .
        Back in the 1970’s Justin dad was on TV and boasted about how rich Canada was and how someone could go through their entire life and never have to work.
        Well…….that was fine with a national debt of $15 billion and low unemployment with productive citizens that have a work ethic and reject welfare as a last resort.
        But our $630,000,000,000.00 National while importing welfare cases and a growing Government housing complex has stopped that ….those people from the 1970’s that bought Trudeau’s utopia that have never worked are now in low-end jobs living in crap holes and will pay into Wynne Pension scam which can’t be drawn down from until 2060 .

  • simus1

    The islamist – genocidist pact is not unlike the Hitler – Stalin accord.
    Short term gain for long term pain.