Hillary and Misogyny

The recent decision by Princeton to repudiate its most famous president, Woodrow Wilson, for his racism – after a century of adoration – is part of a pattern in leftism. Wilson was the first “liberal” or “leftist” or “progressive” president, and he was the most racist president in American history as well. His son-in-law, McAdoo, was supported by the Klan for the 1924 Democrat nomination.

  • Cat-astrophe

    That picture is just too close for comfort.

  • V10_Rob

    The liberal elite loves diversity… as long as the only time they have interact with it is at a photo-op.

    • ntt1

      shes a lizard how more diverse can you get?

  • Dana Garcia

    How can Hillary’s misogyny be discussed without mentioning her mainline hookup to the Muslim Brotherhood, assistant Huma Abedin?

    Prosecutor Andrew McCarthy has been on the case for years.


    • mauser 98

      OPP has been on Wynne criminal case for years…

  • ntt1

    that’s the very image of progressive totalitarianism, and her voice is that of an automated supermarket checkout robot…….. have a nice day…

  • mauser 98

    the next President

    • Clausewitz

      Yikes. There goes supper.

      • mauser 98

        supper? you wait and see… trust fund brat sonofawhore will dig up embalmed carcass of Sheila Copps and make her grand pooobah of some horseshit money pissing cause of his
        …i can smell it from here

        • Clausewitz

          I bet he tag teams here in with Carolyn Parrish. Yikes….

          • mauser 98

            thanks … had forgotten about her

  • Gary

    MLK was a republican Christian while George Wallace was a Democrat and it was DDE and JFK that got the US into Vietnam .
    Somehow Hillary paints the Rep’s as racists and pro-War plus the leftist Liberals pin Vietnam on Nixon which was evident in Forest Gump since Hollywood pushes a false-reality .

  • lgeubank

    Oh CRAP! You gotta put a trigger warning on the site before you flash the Old Bag’s weather-beaten saddle-soaped mug at us.