For Crying Out Loud

A British judge is reported to have wept recently as he sentenced two murderers for a particularly vicious and sadistic killing. A reporter for the BBC apparently wept on air as he described the aftermath of the Paris massacre.

  • simus1

    Wasn’t there a Nazi general who used to weep as his underlings carried out his orders to massacre hundreds of helpless captives?
    What a nice guy.

    There is only one thing that can make me cry

  • BradThomas

    Dalrymple makes a valid point about society’s self-absorption and self-pity, and its admiration for raw emotion, disassociated from any kind of logic or idea of justice. (I’m reminded of the hatred of “progressive” Canada toward that evil Harper – due to many reasons, no doubt, but one of them would be because he was seemingly controlled and unemotional – a sin in modern parlance. That he was also clearly a principled man of integrity was irrelevant to them.)

    It seems to me too that a big part of the problem is that much of our society lacks a sense of there being any real meaning to morality, to right and wrong, altogether.

    People have commented on the horrific nature of the acts themselves (very anti-social and intolerant, don’t you know) but I don’t recall anyone (other than we extreme “right-wingers”) suggesting that those who perpetrate such actions are themselves evil or immoral. People’s general idea of right and wrong in our decaying Western societies seems so abstract and nebulous these days, as to be almost meaningless.