Don’t believe the Wynne sex-ed program is as bad as many warn?

These videos are mandatory viewing.

November 27, 2015 (LifeSiteNews) – It has been frustrating for parental rights leaders, who have been warning about the Ontario Government’s immoral, abusive sex-ed program, to see so much public acceptance of the false charges of government, religious and other leaders that the critics are making a big deal over nothing.

The challenge has been to make people understand how genuinely dangerous and evil this program is, for both Catholic and public school students. Our opponents slyly say, “Who are they going to believe, some noisy, protesting parents, or government education experts and the bishops of Ontario?”

  • Gary

    Since 2013 Wynne has refused to enforce the new Federal laws that were to protect children from pedophiles in public or sexual predators luring them along with exposing them self via frontal Nudity .
    She a Mother with daughters and yet condones the male nudity in the PRIDE parade by quasi-pedophiles knowing the Police have orders to allow the child-abuse for gays but arrests all other adults in non-gays groups.
    Shame on the Police when children used to be told to run to them for safety from perverts and now the Police provide security for several perverts during the PRIDE parade in Toronto.
    John Tory said he would make sure the Police made arrests if this nudity around children went on …..but alas , Whitey became the mayor and tossed children to the perverts as did Wynne just for votes.
    We have sick and twisted clowns running things while they listen to the most militant whiners or groups prone to terrorism and suicide bombings .

    Hey John Tory , you are either in favour of enforcing Canada’s laws to protect children or you chose to condone the child-abuse for votes and don’t have the guts to tell the Police to maker arrests.
    Do we need to drop the voting age to 5 before you and Wynne get serious to crack down on perverts going after children?????
    Will you crack down on the nudity if Muslims complain since they are know to resort the riots and jihad to get their way???

    • ontario john

      Tory is too busy keeping Christians off public property. It would spoil his “Festival of Light” celebrations.

    • WalterBannon

      John “Tory” is a liberal scumbag too.

      • Waffle

        I wish I could find that old Star article during the 2005 provincial PC leadership race when he told the reporter that he could just as easily have been a Liberal.

        • JoKeR

          Sorry Waffle, that is a Lieberal!

      • Gary

        It made sense for why Chief Blair ordered his Officer to not stop the child-abuse, he jumped ship to run for the pedophile friendly Liberals tied to Ben Levin via Wynne and the TDSB’s homoerotic sex-ed in the Public schools.

        A sick and twisted bunch to go down in the history books as part of the dark side for Society in Toronto and Canada where children were tossed to the perverts that are protected by the Police that used to protect the children .

    • Waffle

      Gary, you are so damn right and triple shame on Patrick Brown for whoring himself and marching in this parade to try to cadge a few votes from people who would never, ever in a thousand lifetimes vote for him.

      • Gary

        Selling your soul is now the norm as we see for the Pope bowing to islam and jumping on the Climate Change band wagon where he wants Air Condition banned .
        Harper let in far to many pro sharia muslims among the 500,000 that came in , his Party actually boasted about the Ahmadi community being the Peaceful good muslims when they too have a lesser oppressive Sharia law for their women .

  • ontario john

    Oh look, a group photo of Wynne’s climate change delegation.

    • JoKeR

      Don’t you know that being male causes Global Warming? But Kathleen has her new plan to decrease the amount of CO2, she calls the Big Cut.

  • David

    The forces of evil masquerading as enlightened thinking continue to have the upper hand. Disheartened doesn’t begin to describe the feelings I have over the dissolution of decency in this benighted world.

    • I gauge the level of success of our Marxist Government propaganda by talking to my own children (who are grown adults now). Perhaps with the exception of one of my kids, I am always astounded at their level of ignorance — most of which was acquired when we moved from Latin America and they enrolled in the Canadian education system. Although I myself am Canadian-born and raised, it doesn’t surprise me that immigrant families are seriously worried about our education system. It stinks, it’s Marxist political indoctrination, not education.

      Three of my kids ended up drug addicts — two of them hard-core: heroine and crack cocaine. Two had out-of-wedlock children, one is permanently on welfare and psychiatric care. All except one are Marxists, and believe everything without question that the Wynne Government tells them.

      What could I do as a father when they were younger? Absolutely nothing — as a divorcee without custody it followed the usual pattern: “your father is an evil misogynist, bla bla bla, you must stay away from him”. I myself ended up homeless and on welfare — slandered into the ground.

      Compare that with our experience in Latin America: my teenagers were hard-working, smart (“A” students), happy, with bright futures. Yes, I blame Canada — because Canada is to blame. Our culture stinks and is inferior. It wasn’t always like that — certainly not when I grew up here.

      • Maggat

        Reading your posts over the last year or so I’d say you appear to back on your feet, good on you.

        • I was “back on my feet” even when I was homeless. I was writing those posts when I was homeless (been writing for almost 10 years). Never fell into the drug and alcohol pattern. Never begged, borrowed, or stealed — always worked even when my home was a cardboard box behind a dumpster. Maybe I’m the exception to the rule, but I tend to believe that I’m living proof that it’s impossible, even if you are “superman”, to escape the power of Marxist political ideology in this country. The State will crush any effort of a man to prove otherwise — militant feminism literally rules in Canada.

          You are correct of course inasmuch as I’m in comfortable living conditions now. And I do thank you for the compliment on my writing. But I would gladly go back to the street if the price of material comfort was to give up my freedom.

      • dance…dancetotheradio

        I’m not Don Draper, but a lot of the things in that series resonates in my own life.
        All of my family are drug addicts.
        Legal and illegal.
        I’m just the drunk who got away.
        And the only one who had kids of my own.
        Trying to protect my kids from that I’ve had to tell them the truth once they started their teenaged dalliance with weed.
        It’s helped that my parents and siblings have always seen that it was my responsibility to come to them instead of the other way around.
        My mother has never been to any of the places my wife and I have lived in sixteen years since I got married.
        My dad has picked us up once or twice.
        My sister insists that we drop them off with enough money to spend on them while they are there and demands that we pick them up.
        And my brother is too spaced to ever be an uncle.
        They make it easy.

        • Thanks for that. I have nothing to complain about in comparison — I actually came from a stable family. Nevertherless we share experiences that resonate.

          And I’m certainly not Saint Theresa: I do like to drink from time to time, and I’ve been known to have the occasional toke (even though I’m allergic to the stuff!). But I think I can thank my father who taught me from a young age: “do everything in moderation”. His philosophy kept me out of trouble when tempted to do otherwise. Classic liberal “laissez-faire” philosophy, which has unfortunately disappeared.

          • dance…dancetotheradio

            My family was actually pretty stable, too.
            When I was young we were poor all I thought about as a kid was how to find a way to get my own money and keep getting good grades.
            By the time my dad got a great job and made a lot of money I was out of the house and living on my own at the age of eighteen.
            Just in time for my parents to indulge my brother and sister in everything they could want.
            I never got to experience their boom times.
            All of my own, however meagre that is, is mine.
            Dad crashed and burned.
            He put his house up his nose.
            Hooked my brother on heroin.
            My mom got mortally hooked on tranquilizers to cope.
            And my sister couldn’t have kids because she couldn’t wean herself off tranquilizers to safely have kids without birth defects.
            I’m just a drunk with a wife who helped me through school and who gave me two kids to worry about forever.
            I’m lucky.

          • Wow. Coke especially is the bane of Canada. People are not aware of just how widespread the problem is. Everybody from your foreman on the construction site to the guy who runs the big crane — likely addicted. Not to mention your up and coming CEO. Another HUGE problem is gambling — which is legal — but the Government refuses to acknowledge it because it’s a cash cow. I met wealthy Saskatchewan grain farmers (worth millions) in the homeless shelters out west — gambled away the farm. No alcohol or drug abuse — every penny went to gambling.

            I share your work ethic — left home at 17 and built my life on my own. Actually started working part time probably from the age of 10. My mother made me pay a little rent starting as a teenager — not because she needed the money but to teach me responsibility. We were a typical comfortable middle class family and they didn’t need my money. But my parents came from poverty and they wanted to teach me to work instead of taking things for granted. I will always appreciate that.

  • BillyHW

    Michael Coren has personally tried out every gender identity and vegetable in the new program and give it his wholehearted approval.

    • Justin St.Denis

      Michael Coren Blesses New Sex Ed Program.

      Is Coren still cornholing his son on occasion?

  • Very good video presentations. Although the last one with Dr. Grossman the sound was rather shitty. I think they used a cheap omni-directional instead of a unidirectional microphone with a good muffler on it. I’ve seen so many otherwise excellent videos ruined because of cheap mikes. If you want to get the message out on youtube nobody is going to sit through an hour-long presentation with all that irritating echo and ambient noise. Spend a hundred bucks on a good mike!

    • Waffle

      I agree but the distractions were relatively minor. I listened to it all. Both Fonseca and Grossman were excellent and well worth the time.

      • I listened to it all too — they were excellent. I’m just thinking of a wider audience who aren’t normally supporters and won’t bother exercising the same patience. I share these vids with the “unconverted”.

  • WalterBannon

    Wynne is an evil, crooked scumbag.

    Why is she not yet in prison? The corrupt OPP is bought and paid for by the liberals.

    • JoKeR

      They think that they are out intellectual and moral superiors and have every intent to tear down the fabric of society to create their new dystopia whatever the cost is to us and our children.

    • Dave

      The same reason Obumphuk isn’t in jail. The opposition is weak and the leftist media run cover for them. I won’t even mention the judiciary angle.

    • mauser 98

      OPP , secret pay raises

      • Justin St.Denis

        Ontario Puppet Police
        Ontario Political Police

  • Cat-astrophe

    Here we go, “Freakin’ at the Freaker’s Ball”
    c’mon babies… grease your lips…
    Put on your hats, and swing your hips.
    Don’t forget to bring your whips.
    We’re goin’ to the Freakers Ball.
    Blow your whistle…bang your gong —
    Roll up somethin’ to take along.
    Feels so good… it must be wrong –
    Freakin’ at the Freakers Ball.
    All the fags and dikes, they’re boogyin’ together —
    Leather freaks dressed in all kinds of leather.
    The greatest of the Sadists and the Masochists, too,
    Screamin’ “Please hit me” and “I’ll hit you”.

  • Maggat

    If I was passing out this ‘literature’ on the street to little kids I would be in the slammer faster than you could say” Bob’s your uncle”, or is that “Ben’s your uncle”.

  • granny47

    The best thing parents can do for their children is to get them out of the cesspool indoctrination centres. If a private school is not affordable home school them. Some sacrifices will have to be made to do that but those are small considering the well being of your children is at stake here.

  • DMB

    Supreme Court to decide on whether all sex acts with animals should be illegal

  • Edubeat

    The biggest culprits in selling this sordid parody on human sexuality are the Toronto and region public schoolboards, They are investing big $$$$$ in materials to promote the Ben Levin/Queer/Teacher Union/Egale agitprop. And wouldn’t you know it many principals and vp’s were subjected to this Egale/shiite during a major PeelDSB workshop last week (yes we did some…ahem…’corrections’ on their twitter feed.) I’m not too popular with the PeelDSB senior management.

  • Canadian Born

    I wonder if someone will come into Ontario posing as a refugee and lo and behold it is a jihad belonging to ISIL. Do they not behead gays? I guess it is just wishful thinking!