Chief Rabbi of Brussels: No Future for Jews in Europe

Central Brussels

Central Brussels

‘The Islamization of Europe is the worst thing to happen to the Jewish people in Europe since Hitler. Indeed, in terms of effectively eliminating the Jews from Europe, it threatens to complete the work Hitler started. And yet the fellow travelers seem obstinately blind to it.
Now of course, the fellow travelers often cite how awful anti-semitism is, but it’s almost always in the context of condemning “extremist Christians” or the “right-wing” or the “haters,” and it’s often grotesquely cited in the same breath as anti-Muslim “racism”. At the same time, the most obvious manifestation of anti-semitism is occurring right in front of their eyes.’
  • BillyHW

    Do-gooding leftists have done what the Nazis couldn’t.

    Heck when you think about it, do-gooding leftism is just about the same thing as Nazism.

    • Gary

      They were the same one to ban DDT based on fabricated data which they got to JFK thought Jackie and got the UN to ban it.
      But it’s now off the list since the fascists from the 1960’s that were behind it are dying off and the data is proven top be flawed.
      Except that the UN evidence from WHO shows that over 50,000,000 mostly Brown or Blacks people died because of the ban for which over 30,000,000 were children in poverty as in India and Africa.

      Now we have Whitey again in the guise of Climate Change wanting the ban on Power Plants and Hospitals getting to those same relatives of the DDT ban victims in India and Africa.
      Justin , Suzuki, Gore, Wynne, Naomi Klein and others are okay with Brown people dying so they can still have AC units at home and their Jet trip around the world to save the Planet.

      When Justin see how the muslims here force the jew to leave he will claim they Chose to go .
      Hardly a choice Justin when the other choice is to be killed by jihad for allah.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    The big difference is now Europe’s Jews are no longer stateless but have a place to go to live a better life than before. Antwerp playwright Noemi Schlosser now resides in Tel Aviv and according to the Jerusalem Post is currently producing a new comedy whose previews have been positive.

  • k1992

    There is no future for Jews in Europe – that’s clear. The only question is whether there still is one for them in the US, Canada and Australia.