Are Millennials Hopeless?

Fueled by a recent spate of unnerving headlines and discomfiting polling data, the nation has been collectively sounding alarms over the next generation of Americans just coming of age.

  • Ron MacDonald

    They’ve all been brainwashed by progressive teachers.

  • Tom Forsythe

    The left is ruled by exceptions: the racist American, the corrupt policeman, the violent Christian, the peaceful Muslim, the lifelong gay couple… they take the outliers and give them veto power over their entire culture.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    This, in my opinion, is a passing fad. Modern American history has been a pendulum swinging back and forth. At some point, the reaction will set in.

    • mauser 98

      i disagree,, pendulum will not return.. swung too far
      a muslim army is now installed in Europe..arms stored there for them
      one on way to North America
      all leaders committing treason on a level not seen before in history
      these traitors smell blood, victory.. they will not stop
      the sonofawhore installed in Ottawa is just the latest backstabber

      ..hope you are right

      • Cat-astrophe

        You are likely correct mauser 98. Just like at other times when the pendulum swings to far one side or the other, it is an absolute certainty that eventually momentum will take it too far, it will break from the arm it is attached to and take much pain, suffering and hard work before it is back between the posts again.
        This is that time, again.

    • Hope you are correct.

    • DD_Austin

      When the pendulum has it’s cord cut

      This is Stalin’s gift to America, while America build wealth and bankrupted
      the Russian USSR state in it’s attempt to stay equal in strenght, the USSR
      was bankrupting and preverting the hearts and minds of american acedemia,
      the first fruits of this were seen in the 60’s hippie protesters.

      Who won the cold war? the arabs, and they’ve taken a page from the
      Russian play book, buying acedemia and added one of the there own, buying and grooming american politicans, after all why fight america when you can put them on a leash

      • Norman_In_New_York

        This is why the candidacy of Donald Trump is proving so important. He has framed the issues in terms American voters can understand and agree with, and even if he doesn’t get nominated, his rivals ignore these issues at their political peril. He has also been moving the media toward irrelevance.

    • Justin St.Denis

      I sort of agree, based on the fact that my more politically idiotic nephews and nieces are the progeny of my more politically idiotic siblings. 😉

      We get along with our own kids (and their friends, wives, kids etc) just fine.

      • dance…dancetotheradio

        My politically idiotic siblings don’t have kids.
        That’s something I used to think was regrettable.

    • WalterBannon

      not before the muslim take over is complete

  • mauser 98

    Millennials…our future

    Students Referred to Counseling Services After a Confederate Flag Was Seen on a Laptop

    • Exile1981

      Its the medias fault. 6 months ago those students wouldn’t have twitched over the flag. Now because the media told them its a hateful thing they are suddenly traumatized.

  • ntt1

    My youngest has just suffered an almost psychotic break with the status quo due to his exploring the Frankfurt school and its slimy tentacles. As a university grad he saw first hand the lies and misrepresentations and experienced the ostracism of speaking against the political orthodoxy. he has just finished reading several Judith Curry papers which has lead him to see the magnitude of the falsity of “climate change”.The trigger seems to have been when he heard stepan “green shift ” dion was planning to increase taxes so as to enable his pet scheme of bolstering every third world corruptocrats Swiss bank account, in the name of climate justice.
    I welcome him back to reality as a prodigal son on the condition that he brings the beer.
    My point is the ones who really matter ,the ones who will carry on are the students in Stem faculties or the growing number of those like my son who start developing real critical thinking and reject with scalding hot anger ,all the lies and deceit that 15 plus years of schooling have force fed them.

    • Cat-astrophe

      Good news can come from a millennial!
      Great to hear!

  • terrence

    Are Millennials Hopeless? –
    Yes, the are; these crybullies (variation of crybabies) will NEVER change; a small number may; but most of them really FEEL they are entitled to anything they FEEL like having.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      I like to believe that they self identify in the work place and remove themselves as candidates for promotion.
      Special snowflakes do not end up managing departments.

      • WalterBannon

        I guess you have never seen the govt in action

        In the future there will be only govt, and no private enterprise…

        followed by the final and total collapse of civilization

        • dance…dancetotheradio

          I got an email the other day inviting interested parties to join the workplace health and safety committee.
          I demurred.

          • Cat-astrophe

            What? you turn down the opportunity to become one of the new Religious class at work?
            You just have to say “safety” and everyone drops to one knee. Don’t look the safety guy in the eyes, he may do a worksite observation on you, to see where your life could be improved.

          • ntt1

            “”He”is usually a she completely out of touch with workplace reality

          • ntt1

            You should have joined Then you could cloward/Pivened them by demanding amslan translators and attending to loud prayers at Inopportune moments .charge them with rank speciesism and demand you rights

          • dance…dancetotheradio

            Tempted to join and put forward a motion banning wet floor signs since I keep tripping over them.

          • Xavier

            “Those who are not with us are against us”.
            You are a marked man. 😉

          • ntt1

            demand wet floor signs in several languages including the local indian dialect. the floors will become impassable

  • WalterBannon

    Millennials are hopeless write-offs which is why I do not hire them.

  • Hard Little Machine

    they should commit mass suicide.

    • El Martyachi

      There’s always hope.