Amid the mourning, French unity shows cracks

Not far from several of the nightspots targeted by terrorists this month, Martine Galtiau snapped photos of a bar where T-shirts bearing the red, white and blue colors of France hung just above the entrance.

“I live in this neighborhood, and we all feel involved – perhaps more than the rest of France,” Galtiau said, adding she planned on hanging a flag outside her apartment window in honor of the victims. “I absolutely feel proud to be French, to be Parisian these days,” she told DW.

  • Gary

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  • Ron MacDonald
    • UCSPanther

      They are only “tough” when they are using creative means to murder unarmed civilians, raping women and children, selling slaves, destroying priceless artifacts and spewing hate-filled propaganda.

      When they have to face up to the consequences of their actions, the “tough guy” facade flows away…

  • Your leaders have let in millions of Muslims who want to kill or convert you to Islam.

    Get over it.

    Either deal directly with Muslims and Islam, or kiss France and 2,000 years of history goodby.

    There is no inbetween. Multi culti, wishy washy, will not work. Fight or die.

  • Hard Little Machine

    France will get back on the Jew Hate Train in about a week.